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Photos: "Earthly Hands, Heavenly Designs"


Photos by Yaser Khadishi, ISNA

دست‌هاي زميني،‌ نقش‌هاي آسماني را فرش كردند

3500 square meters of Persian rugs and kilims covered the plains of Shahdad desert in Iran's Kerman province as part of filming a documentary about the the province of Kerman in Iran. The film covers various aspects of Kerman including history, nature and art. This part of the film which is called "Earthly Hands, Heavenly Designs" is about a traditional art which is on the verge of being forgotten. It also reflects the fact that the nature (Shahdad) has been neglected.

Filming of this documentary will continue for another six months.

The province of Kerman in respect to its relief and natural terrain, encompasses elevated plains and vast desert spaces. Some of these such as the plains and summer residing quarters are taken advantage of as recreational areas. The plains of Shahdad, Bam and Jiroft are low-lying plains, and reach a maximum elevation of 2,100 - 1,300 m. (read more on

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