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Iranian Artists participate in China exhibition: "In The Mood For Paper"



A work-on-paper group show of contemporary Chinese, Indian and Iranian Artists


Khosrow Hassanzadeh,
Ya Ali Madad  2008 - Silkscreen on Paper, 200 x 200 cm



Venue: F2 Gallery, No.319 CaoChangDi, Chaoyang District Beijing China 100015

Time: March 14 to April 30, 2009

Curator: Vida Heydari



Ahmad Morshedloo, Hossein Khosrojerdi, Khosrow Hassanzadeh, Mehdi Farhadian, Pooya Aryanpour, Sara Abbasian

Cao Yingbin, Chen Ke, Fang Lijun, Jiao Xingtao, Li Qing, Ling Jian, Liu Ren, Liu Ye, Qiu Zhijie, Sheng Qi, Song Kun, Sun Xun, Tang Zhigang, Tao Aimin, Yin Zhaoyang, Zeng Fanzhi, Zeng Jianyong, Zheng Guogu, Zhou Yilun, Zhu Fadong

Bose Krishnamachari, Jagannath Panda, Krishnaraj Chonat, Priti Vadakkath, Reena Kallat, Riyas Komu, Sudarshan Shetty, T.V. Santosh

Ahmad Morshedloo, Untitled  2009, Charcoal, Ink and Acrylic on Cardboard, 120 x 90 cm



Inspired by the title of the movie "In The Mood For Love", "In The Mood For Paper" is a follow-up of the acclaimed "Crouching Paper, Hidden Dragon" works on paper show, a group show of solely Chinese contemporary artists held at F2 Gallery in 2008. The "lighter" title reflects the very different economical situation in which it's taking place; a severe global crisis that has put a damper on everyone's mood for quite sometime now.

In spite of its playful title, the show is one of depth, passion and determination. It's a talking show. It talks to you not in Mandarin, Hindi or Farsi but through the strokes of the brushes dipped in the colors of the artist's dreams, mine and perhaps yours and through the thin layers of paper strong enough to hold all that it bears to say, every single one speaking the same language of oneness yet so unique. It talks about the pain carried through decades, the joy of making it through, the excitement of the possibilities of being heard, the fear of exposure, the lust of a touch, the uncertainty of the unknown. One can not help but to hear the voices of criticism, hope and encouragement so loud and is left with the choice of crossing the sheer line of prejudice.

Paper, raw and intimate, is a medium of passion bringing the viewer closer to the artist, as if one could feel the movement of the artist's hands on the thin surface of its fragility.

Here, one finds an opportunity for the first time to experience three influential regional and international powers, China, India and Iran, simultaneously through the eyes and fingertips of over thirty established and emerging contemporary artists, all creating exceptional inspiring pieces of art. The works have been made in some of the most polluted parts of the world, yet walking through this exhibition, one will not fail feeling a breath of fresh air, witnessing a vast amount of diversity in taste, style and technique.

China, India and Iran, asides from being some of the oldest major civilizations in the world's history and carrying some of the richest artistic traditions amongst them, have something else in common, they have started to re-emerge. They are putting behind years of prejudice, are wanting recognition and having their voices heard and not being judged by preconceived notions fed to the veins of societies through the means of media and politics. And there is no better vehicle than the arts to portray this transition often manipulated.

"In The Mood For Paper" is bringing some contemporary Chinese, Indian and Iranian artists together to present certain aspects of their realities and the rich civilization and culture that's embedded in their DNA and genes. Art is again back for the art lovers and art itself, shifting the word "investment" to the backseat. This is a show that talks to you in the universal language of love and also tells you about a dream. A love for art and a dream that includes China, India and Iran.

Hossein Khosrojerdi
Naghash  2009, Ink and Acrylic on Paper, 76 x 56 cm


Mehdi Farhadian
Make A Wish and Blow  2009 - Acrylic on Cardboard, 32 x 32 cm



Pooya Aryanpour, Sketch for Floating Objects  2009, Acrylic on Paper, 65 x 45 cm ( x 3 )



Sara Abbasian, Untitled  2009, Mixed Media on Cardboard, 38 x 12 cm


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