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FM: Iran preparing package of proposals for Group 5+1


Tehran, May 13, IRNA - Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said on Wednesday that Iran is now preparing a package of proposals for the Group 5+1 on the country's nuclear activities and will deliver it as soon as it is finalized.

Speaking to reporters after a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, he said ties between Iran and Britain are quite normal with its own typical problems.

"We have difference of opinions with them on many issues but our relationship is at ordinary level and there is no specific problems between the two sides," he said.

On talks between Iran and the US, he said "Iran's view are based on realities and our judgment and decisions will be made based on their actions."

"The practical performance of the new US administration will provide us with enough room to make decision," he said.

On Iran's package of proposals to the Group 5+1, he said Iran is preparing the package and will submit it to the other parties as soon as it is finished.

On the fate of Iranian diplomats kidnapped by US troops in Iraq, he said the issue is on top of Iran's agenda and will be pursued in meetings with Iraqi officials, he said.

Some claim that freedom of Roxana Saberi could be the first move towards negotiation with the US, asked one reporter and the Iranian foreign minister said "We cannot close the mouths of others but we declare our stands very transparently."

In Europe there is an inclination towards expansion of relations with Iran, he said, adding that Iran enjoys high potentialities in economic sector.

Iran is to establish relations with other countries based on mutual respect, Mottaki said.

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