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Reverse Painting on Glass

5/18/09 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Recently I came across a most unusual book on Iranian art, which dealt with the subject of reverse painting on glass (poshteh shisheh).  Like many kinds of art this may not appeal to everyone, yet it is no doubt an outstanding art book and those who are interested in true Iranian art and in particular glass art work should find it most informative and fascinating.  This art form has decorative as well as religious types and although there are many interesting samples in this book many of the origins are not clearly known.

I found the introduction in the book very enlightening, informative and helpful as well as interesting.  The book is compiled from the personal collection of Dr Jahangir Kazerouni and Mrs. Ferial Salahashour, who is the owner of the Day Art Gallery in Tehran.  In the foreword of the book, Dr Kazerouni states that "reverse painting on glass is one of the major visual art forms of the Iranian culture whose significance is yet to be adequately researched and studied.  It  is a tradition that best reflects the Iranian Shiite identity".

Dr Jahangir Kazerouni and Mrs. Ferial Salahashour

The book was published from Dr Kazerouni and Mrs. Salahashour collection by the Nazar publishing house in Tehran and with ISBN 978964-6994-78-2.  If you would like to order the book, please contact the Day Gallery by e-mail at  or Tel/Fax (+98-21) 22285299.

We have a few of the illustrations from this most interesting book to give you a taste.

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