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Mouffetard: A Cozy Old Restaurant In Tehran City Center


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

The Mouffetard Restaurant was a place that we used to frequent a lot when were much younger.  It had decent food, decent service and even sometimes music.  I had not been there for years even though I had often passed it by during the day.

Last year I noticed that it was closed for a serious facelift, and I was happy when my dear Pooneh and her mum Minoo invited me to join them for lunch there last Friday.  It was like going back in time, with the square center where the bar used to be and the piano which is played on most evenings.

As I walked down the stairs to get into their small yet very nice and cozy waiting area memories flashed back and I remembered the many nights that we had come there, so many years ago, and friends who are far away or not here now.

The service was good, the food was good and the ambience during Friday lunch very much leaned towards family groups.  But as before in the evening there are mostly couples or groups of friends who go there.  I was impressed with the hors d'oeuvre table and for the people at our table who were vegetarian the selection was pretty good.

As I understood it has passed in the family from father to son and maybe that is the core of its success.  What I liked about it was that it was unpretentious, a place where people can feel at ease and relax while enjoying their company and the food.

Mouffetard Restaurant
123 North Kheradmand Street, Karimkhan-e-Zand
(very close to the south west of 7th Tir Square)
Tel. 88304100 + 88810023

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