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Iran Opposition Leaders Condemn State Violence


Report Source: Radio Zamaneh

Mir Hosein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, the two chief opposition leaders met at the home of Mr. Karroubi to further discuss the political situation of Iran. They condemned government violence against election protesters and especially slammed the excessive violence used against women protesters.

MirHosein Mousavi

Mehdi Karoubi

There has been numerous reports of harsh treatment of women protesters by government forces, the latest of which is a film from November 4th demonstrations posted on the internet, showing a special forces guard hitting a woman on the head with a baton. The film has drawn outrage from several Persian sites and blogs.


Mehdi Karroubi, who was also injured on November 4th, revealed that he had received a letter from a security agency claiming that the "terrorist" group Jundallah is planning an attack for November 4th ceremonies. Considering the letter an attempt to stop him from joining the protests, the opposition leader dismisses the warning and joins the protests only to be directly attacked by tear gas bombs, he adds.

In describing the attack which caused the hospitalization of two of his bodyguards, he said: "I noticed something at my foot. I was choking. As if all my face, eyes and beard were on fire. During the Revolution, I was subjected to at least 20 tear gas attacks. This was something else."

Mir Hosein Mousavi (left) & Mehdi Karroubi

He condemned the leadership of these violent acts and emphasized that these acts are to the detriment of the system.

Mir Hosein Mousavi also described how a crowd of government forces in plainclothes surrounded his office building, and a group of bikers blocked the main entrance of the Fahangestan-e Honar to stop him from joining the protesters on November 4th.

The opposition leader claimed that "they were trying to make a show of force by impeding me from joining the people, but in finality the people made the actual show of force."

On November 4th, despite warnings and threats from authorities and government security forces, election protesters once more took to the streets of Iran's major cities in masses to shout out their demands.

Mir Hosein Mousavi added: "Those who beat up the people should not think that they can scare people into hiding in their homes. Islam has taught people not to fear anything in their pursuit of Truth."

He added: "Anti-regime slogans are often the result of the violence exercised by security forces who ungraciously attack old and young, man and woman. Especially, attacking women is the pinnacle of breaking the customs of our society."

In conclusion he declared that the Green Movement demands "the release of political prisoners, assurances of holding healthy elections as well as freedom of press and opinion."

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