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Caspian Sea With A Few Good Friends


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Once in a while one looks around and everything and everyone feels as bad as you do; it is tough to get any positive energy and so you stay down.  Life always has its ups and mostly downs, but it is mainly the way we deal with it that changes.

I had felt like that for the last couple of months, and had got to the point that I had to do something about it seriously; so I decided to take off, out of the chaotic normality of everyday life in Tehran and with a few good friends headed to Shomal (Iran's North by Caspian Sea) for a few days. Even the warning of floods and rain did not change my plans. I needed to go away in the hope that I could try to find ways to get back to the real me once again.

It was the best thing I had done in a long time.  I stayed in the villa for four whole days and swam in the heated pool, played backgammon, laughed a lot, walked around the nicely groomed garden and enjoyed great Shomali food  cooked by the local lady who worked there.

Wow! It was great and the best thing I had done in a long time.  Our friend T drove us there and he is such fun. He cheated outrageously when we played backgammon but we loved him for this as he made us laugh until my face ached.  I am lucky to have such good friends.  It was so useful to get so far from the madding crowd, and even if it did not finish the job, at least it went in the right direction.

On the way to Chalous as we passed Gajerh which leads to Dizin ski resort, we stopped for a rest and a bite to eat; getting out of Tehran had been terrible as usual. We went to the Lotus Complex restaurant which the manager Mr Farsi told us had been open since last March so had missed the main ski season but they were looking forward to this year.

There is a fast food outlet on the top and a cafĂ© on the ground floor, which was nicely and thoughtfully decorated and had a snooker board and a large TV screen.  I could easily imagine that in the height of the ski season this place will be full of young people, mingling and enjoying hot tea and coffee.

The staff were very cordial and friendly and the place was immaculately clean and I could only hope and pray that it stays that way when so many customers come in for a quick, good and quality service.  It sure worth a visit if you are passing near by or even if you are not we enjoyed our food and friendly ambiance and service.

Lotus Complex is part of a group that has other complexes in Tehran and Rouyan (Alamdeh) in Mazandaran .

Lotus Complex, Dizin, Near Gajerh Hotel Tel. 0261-5212900-1

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