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Mother, Daughter Artists: Shadi Mahsa and Rana Amirteymour

Born in Tehran in 1967, Shadi Mahsa has been painting since she was 7. Now Shadi's daughter Rana Amirteymour has joined her and is walking in her footsteps in the world of art. Shadi and Rana
had an exhibition in Tehran's Aaran Gallery last month and it was a big success. Rana, the 4-year-old artist, had 34 paintings at the exhibition which were sold for the benefit of Ghaem Charity for the Disabled in Tehran. Shadi also dedicated most of the earnings from the exhibition to the same charity.



Works of Rana Amirteymour

Shadi Mahsa's Biography

Born in Tehran in 1967 Shadi Mahsa started to paint avidly from the age of 6. From childhood she was trained by some of the most leading Iranian art instructors of the day. In 1990 she left Iran for Sydney. After this time Mahsa went on to participate in numerous art courses and schools in both Australia and the UK. Mahsa has had group and solo exhibitions in such countries as Australia, England, the USA and Iran.

Shadi is deeply concerned with the connection between man and nature whose depth she first realized in her TM sessions. She has a solution through which man can realize that depth: creation. She invites her viewers to participate in the majesty of creation and creativity but it is not until man has been able to unleash all those inhibitions that force him into various pigeonholes that he is able to attain the role of creator.

Mahsa has experienced the grandeur and peace of the universe and it is precisely this peace and greatness that she pours forth onto her canvases for the viewer to witness. Her world is one of total abandon--the only formula for the purgation of man from his all inhibiting fears for it is not until that catharsis is reached that man can hope to attain his rightful place in the world that Mahsa depicts: the world of love, beauty, and ultimate union with nature. To her the ultimate expression of the love of God is the flower and this flower she recreates through her rich colors to further entice her viewer to participate in an orgy of creativity whose only outcome can be the ultimate destruction of all that limits and shackles man in a society that seeks to dominate, control and alienate. Shadi Mahsa is presently living and working in Tehran.

Education History

Shadi Mahsa also had several group exhibition in Sydney and London and private show in Ameri Art and fine Gallery in North London and Aref's Gallery in USA.

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