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The Swiss Restaurant in Forsat Street,Tehran

10/14/09 By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

I am certain that those of us who used to go out in Tehran many many years ago will have been familiar with the famous Swiss Restaurant in Forsat Street.  Next to the Fardis Hotel, it has been around for nearly fifty years and it was one of the best places in Tehran to dine, and in the summer we used to enjoy the lovely garden and the small tables in the verandas, and during the rest of the year we went to the warm and cozy interior, which was and still is in the Viennese decoration style.  We had not gone there, for some years as the quality of service and food had taken a serious nosedive from the level of excellence that we were used to and thus expected.

I was delighted when, a few months ago, we were invited to the restaurant after it had undergone two years of serious facelift and once again as I entered the dining room I felt the same warmth and coziness that I had done so many years ago.  The décor has a period charm unusual for Tehran and the ambience was fine, as before. The food was excellent and the service was good.  We were away for the summer and last week we were again invited there and this time we dined in the garden which again brought back many happy memories, even though the food was a little colder than before.

Even though it is now called the Fardis Restaurant, since I am more of a Shakespeare fan than a Joyce follower, I hope you will allow me to say that a rose by any other name is still a rose so please next time you think about where to dine out in the center of Tehran, why not try this cozy old place which also does good lunches and may be booked for events and ceremonies too!     Although it is is not one of the top three restaurants in town, it is still a very good place to meet up with old or new friends and enjoy the Viennese style decor and good service and food without any rush"  Bon appetit!

Fardis (Swiss) Restaurant
No. 28 Arayeh Alley, Mousavi (Forsat) Street, above Ferdowsi Square.
Telephone 88811143, reservations 88828516

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