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Conservative cleric demands decisive action against protesters on November 4

10/16/09 Report Source: Radio Zamaneh

Ayatollah Janati, who led Tehran's Friday prayers today, called for firm confrontation with protesters on November 4 (13th of Iranian month Aban).

November 4, the day Iranian students took over the American Embassy in Tehran in 1979, is celebrated every year in Iran as a pivotal moment in the history of the Islamic Republic. This year protesters of June presidential elections have announced they will join a march on this day to once more voice their protests to the government.

green movement poster inviting people to protest on 13th of Aban

IRNA quoted the conservative cleric, Ayatollah Janati saying: "November 4th must be honoured as a day to struggle against world oppression. Everyone must participate in honouring this day but some people, who have become pawns for others, want to show their American and Israeli natures."

Head of the Guardian Council added: "Since long time ago, these rioters have been guided by an unidentified centre and have certain plans for the future. These people are pawns whether they know it or not."

He also maintained that if the judiciary or the security forces confront "the rioters" with weakness, they betray Islam, the people, the Revolution and the martyrs."

Regarding the government's treatment of protesters, Ayatollah Janati declared: "Who offers flowers to their own murderer? Then why should the Islamic Republic offer flower to its destroyers whilst they haven't even stopped their criminal act?"

another green movement poster

Ayatollah Janati's comments coincide with Ban Ki-moon's concerned report to the United Nations general assembly regarding the suppression of dissidents in Iran.

Ayatollah Janati has described the post-election protests as a problem with deep roots for the Islamic Republic that cannot be dismissed easily.

He claimed that the riotous plans for November 4th will be defused as the plans for Qods Day and the opening of the universities were neutralized.

On Qods Day, September 18 this year, opposition leaders and their supporters staged demonstrations in competition with the usual Qods Day march against Israel. The protesters shouted slogans in line with their disapproval of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad government which they claim has come to power through vote fraud in this year's June presidential elections.

The universities have also been the scene of numerous student protests since the start of the fall session.

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