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Limon - A New Classy Restaurant in Tehran


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

Once in a while, even in Tehran, one walks into a real surprise. This is what I felt when our friend Ali had invited us to a new restaurant in town. As always he wanted to impress his guests with his wit and taste and despite my reservations I must admit that he won me over.

Last week again, we tried out the Limon Restaurant which is on the west side of the Samaan buildings in Samaan Street, South Shiraz Street, off Mollasadra Ave. On our first visit, we were a little later than the others due to a day trip to the outskirts of Tehran. As we asked for directions, we saw the fountains and the lovely clean big pool in the grounds - given the heat of that day it would have been lovely to jump in (if only!). We were received by a well dressed gentleman at the door and directed upstairs to our table. Wowwwwwwww was my first impression as I walked in.

We have some good restaurants in Tehran, for example Monsoon, Bix, Bistango and Touch but what impressed me above all, besides the decoration, good lighting and comfortable seating was the great sense of space. Our table was on the balcony and we had a good view. There were ten in our party and there was a mixture of large and small tables all over the balcony, which was open to the elements. (On the second occasion I noticed that they had actually covered the balcony roof beautifully with a see-through very chic thick plastic and I was told that they will do something about the windows too). There were a lot of candles burning all over which gave a wonderful sense of peace and unwinding. I simply loved the candles everywhere even on the stairs.

Dining at Limon felt good and thus this far Limon tops all other restaurants for a positive sense of space and relaxation. The ladies room was huge and I was wondering why they did not make it into a powder-room and a toilet but who knows. The staff, all men except the floor manager, were well dressed and very chic but I found them a little too polite - maybe they need a little more practice!

The place has not been open for long and I have no doubt this will improve. Food and presentation of their dishes were good but not great for such a high class restaurant, and they should make sure that during an evening to get their music right- not too sad (Fado) or too fast (Mexican). On the second occasion we went, the weather was much cooler and they had so kindly had provided outside heaters, it made me feel like in Italy, even though the place is Latino but what of it, it felt tremendously superb and fabulous.

Overall I found the experience great and both evenings most enjoyable; I felt happy to be out and it was so spacious so that it was easy to move to the other side of the table to chat with others without bumping into anyone at another table. Everybody had a good time and we were the last happy guests to leave we were having such a good time truly like being at home yet with full service. This is a must place to try out and I am certain that you will become a regular and I urge you to make a reservation. Bon appetite

Limon, Samaan Street, South Shiraz Street, off Mollasadra Ave
Telephone (021)-88038093+88065750


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