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Ahmadinejad says internal enemies committed post-election crimes

TEHRAN, Sept. 8 (Mehr News Agency) -- President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said that there is conclusive documentation showing that elements affiliated with the rioters perpetrated some of the crimes committed against the people detained during the post-election unrest.

"I have a firm belief that some of the crimes that were committed at one of the detention centers and at the dormitory of the University of Tehran are linked to a scenario to provoke riots and unrest," Ahmadinejad stated at a press conference here on Monday.

"I have lived approximately 30 years in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and I am familiar with Iranian society. Not only loyalists but any noble Iranian citizen who loves his country would never engage in illegal actions like those that happened after the election," he added.

And anyone who intentionally or unintentionally acts against the Iranian nation's interests is on the enemy's side, he asserted.

Ahmadinejad stated that no conscientious (police) officer would act against their duty, the law, humanitarianism, and national interests unless an atmosphere created by their favored party or group influenced them, and it was clear that Iran's main enemies supported these actions.

"In my view, it is dishonorable that revolutionary forces are stabbed and beaten in Tehran's streets. They sacrificed their lives to provide people safety and security," Ahmadinejad said.

Leaders of post-election unrest should be prosecuted

Ahmadinejad said that the main players who directed the vandalism and disruptive activities after the election should be prosecuted.

He went on to say that the presidential election was free and fair, but added that some went too far and started slandering and casting doubt in the excited atmosphere the country was experiencing.

In the past, when an election was over, friendliness and sympathy prevailed in the country, he noted. However, after the recent election, some contended that the election was rigged and called for the results to be nullified, he added. "I believe it is the worst kind of dictatorship," he said.

The people who were deceived should be treated with Islamic compassion, but influential figures who planned and masterminded the events or who did not respond properly and remained silent should be held responsible, Ahmadinejad asserted.

The elements who deliberately tried to damage the Iranian nation should answer for their actions, he insisted. "It is the people's demand, and (we) should respond by administering justice and observing the law."

Certain Arab media outlets' coverage of election was distorted

Ahmadinejad said some media outlets in two Arab countries took an improper stance toward the Iranian presidential election. "However, we do not blame their respective countries for their actions. We are offended and expect them to make amends for their actions."

He added, "We regard all nations, including Arab nations, as our friends and we maintain friendly relations with most of them."

He said that Iran has excellent relations with Arab countries. "Two Arab countries acted improperly, but this will not last, since we are brothers and have common humanitarian and regional interests and (common) enemies," he observed.

He pointed out that Iran's stance is clear, saying Iran is ready to establish friendly ties with all countries, including Egypt. "However, we view the Zionists as occupiers and do not recognize a right to sovereignty for them," he added.

The nation purified the revolution in the election

Ahamadinejad also said, "Over the past few months, the nation managed to clean out the pollution... which has been imposed on the nation and the revolutionary system."

In the recent election, the nation achieved some major victories, and the first victory was the introduction of a lofty and humanitarian paradigm of democracy -- a democracy based on divine and monotheistic principles and a democracy that insists on the realization of genuine justice, he opined.

He called the successive defeats of the sworn enemies after the election another victory for the nation. "The enemies, who utilized all of their money and capabilities, took advantage of some media outlets and devised elaborate plots," he noted.

Roles of the U.S. and Britain revealed

Ahmadinejad said that what happened revealed the malicious intentions of Britain and the United States and their allies.

They sent messages stating that they intended to change their behavior towards Iran and acknowledging their previous wrong deeds, but their actions in the aftermath of the election revealed their true nature, he opined.

"Certain individuals who came to power by resorting to the slogan of change and who had announced that they would change their behavior and policies, did not discard their expansionist, aggressive, and interventionist policies."

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