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Jalaeipour: Where Are Muslims Treated Like This on Ramadan?

By Sara Samavati, Rooz Online

Hamid Reza Jalaeipour
We have spoken with Hamid Reza Jalaeipour, member of the Mosharekat (Participation) Front's central committee and father of the detained reformist activist Mohammad Reza Jalaeipour, about the trials held in the aftermath of the disputed June 12 presidential elections and the conditions of prisoners taken in these months.

Rooz:  Some unofficial reports indicate the future trials for reformists may be held behind closed doors.  What do you think?

Hamid Reza Jalaeipour (Jalaeipour):  What is the difference? Look at how these proceedings were handled up till now. These were a series of sham trials that did not bring much success for the regime.  When they say that future trials may be held behind closed doors possibly shows that the interrogators have not been able to break any new detainees and force him to "confess," although the confessions of our detained friends are not important to us.  We know how much pressure they are under.

As far as we know, most of our friends are standing firm in prison.

Rooz:  And your son, Mohammad Reza?

Mohammad Reza Jalaeipour

Jalaeipour: You know that he has been detained for nearly three months now without having committed a crime.  They had put him in a hot cell full of smoke and steam, near the engine room, after 37 days of solitary confinement, to break him.  They have accused him of many things so far: spy, disturber, overthrower.  But they have not been able to force him to television confessions yet.  The conditions of his solitary cell were extremely intolerable; he wasn't even able to breathe, and even the prison guards protested his conditions.  The interrogators also directed the most insulting and abusive sexual comments at his wife, sister and mother.  They would specifically name his mother, sister, wife, and beat him over the head while doing that.  My son tells them that three of my uncles were not martyred for the country to end up in this situation.  My son Mohammad Reza had the highest score in 2001 among 2.5 million university students at the national university entrance exams.  That same year he won a gold medal at the Student Olympiad, which was unprecedented.  No one in the past thirty years has been able to come first on the university entrance exams and win a gold Olympiad medal in the same year!  I don't know what they want from my family.  My middle-aged father and mother passed away from the pain of the loss of their sons.  My brother, a doctor, had a heart attack at the age of thirty-six for the same reasons and passed away.  We were still involved with his death when they arrested Mohammad Reza.

A Video by Mohammad Reza Jalaeipour: "I confess"

Rooz: What do prison officials tell you about his situation? 

Jalaeipour:  I tell one of the gentlemen, why did you arrest my son, and that whether is it a crime to defend Mousavi in the election?  He says, it is not a crime to defend Mousavi, but your son defended him too much!

Rooz:  Did they really say that to you?

Jalaeipour:  Yes, they really did!

Rooz:  Mr. Jalaeipour, what do you see on the horizon?  Based on all your political experiences, to what direction will our country move?

Jalaeipour:  I am optimistic about the future.  These actions that they undertake have nothing to do with Islam or national interests, and they are bound to fail.  Look and tell me which Muslim country treats its people like this during Ramadan?  They have been holding Mirdamadi in a solitary cell for thirty-five days now.  What was their crime?  What was our crime?  Is it a crime to defend reforms?  Is it a crime to defend Mr. Mousavi?  Is it possible to run a country like this?  It is not.  That is why as a Muslim and a reformist who has always defended and will continue to defend reforms, I see a bright future.

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