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Morteza Alviri Interview a few hours before his arrest - Martial Law is Imposed on the Country


Source: Roozonline

When I was interviewing Morteza Alviri - yesterday, a few hours before his arrest - neither I, nor - possibly - he knew that he would be arrested within hours. Our arrangement was that I would send the interview to Alviri for editing before publishing it on RoozOnline. But Alviri's arrest, like other arrests, could last a long time. Perhaps this interview can document Alviri's views and opinions in freedom and in absence of pressure.

Rooz: Mr. Alviri, you ran Mr. Karoubi's Committee to Protect Election Integrity. Did you think that the elections and their aftermath could turn out like?

Morteza Alviri (Alviri): Absolutely not. According to our latest estimations, Mr. Mousavi was the winner in the first round. The worst possible scenario was for the election to go to the second round, where Mr. Mousavi would have again won.  Nor did I imagine that after June 12 the regime would use bullets and batons to confront people who voiced their protests legally and democratically

Rooz: The statements made by some reformists in court influenced a lot of other things. What is your opinion on the reformists' confessions?

Alviri: This method of holding prisoners in solitary confinement and possibly abuse and pressure them belongs to four decades ago and are not effective anymore. Rulers in many parts of the world have realized that such confessions and interviews not only do not benefit the regime, but actually spread distrust.

Rooz: What is your analysis of the situation now? How far will this go? Do you not think that reformist parties will effectively be pushed out of the political arena?

Alviri: In my opinion, because of the regime's sinful behavior, political activism has exited the arena of political parties and organizations, instead spreading into homes and families. It could become very costly if the government fails to respond appropriately to the wave of protest among the public. We have entered a new situation in our country because of the election and events subsequent to it. The silence seen in society now is not a sign that the protests are over. The reality is that, in Kasravi's words, a bomb is hidden in hearts until it explodes. If we do not diffuse this bomb, it can naturally be very destructive and damaging.

Rooz: My understanding is that you do not think that the situation allows for political parties to be active?

Alviri: All political parties and groups have been restricted, and if this restriction continues, unfortunately we have to say that the protests and activism will go underground If that happens, we cannot expect underground groups to comply with legal norms of behavior.

Rooz: Do you still believe that the election was fraudulent?

Alviri: Yes. In addition, events that took place after the election not only did not solve the problems, but actually made them more severe. Illogical and illegal acts such as attacking the people, arresting innocent individuals, creating an atmosphere of terror, charging people who were looking for their votes, or calling them dirt, or accusing them of conspiring with foreigners made the issue more severe. I now believe that martial law has been imposed on the country. Although the gentlemen do not like to announce it, there is no other explanation for their refusal to allow various gatherings and canceling of other events in recent days.

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