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Ahmadinejad: 'We are not in the race for development'

Sourec: PressTV

Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says that Iran should find an alternative to the development theory of the dominant powers and guide the world out of such imposed impasse.

"If we want to complete with the dominant order for development, then we are not going to get anywhere for a thousand years, because the origins of this theory is elsewhere and the rules of development have been formulated by them," the president told a group of university professors today, as reported by the Iran Labor News Agency (ILNA).

"Iran's nation and society have all the necessary elements for a leap towards growth and superiority, but what prevents the nation's leap is the absence of a clear definition of the ultimate goal," Ahmadinejad told the assembled academics.

"In the western society, according to the theory of development, all efforts are aimed towards dominance of liberal democracy, establishment of free market economy, favoring moral relativism and the non-interference of moral values intro social relations," he continued. "This definition has a dark future, but all efforts are along this route."

Ahmadinejad, who is embarking on his second term in office, continued his critique of the western developmental theory, saying: "According to this theory, the US society has reached the peak of social development, and, to paint the world in their own shade, they have created various international bodies with their particular culture in mind and they try to sway the countries of the world to fall in line with them."

However, the president said, "It is evident that his theory has reached a dead end, and, even if we want to step along its path, this road will end in a precipice."

"Our nation, with its ancient cultural heritage and its subjugation to a collection of divine and idealistic values, cannot in any way step along a path which has been defined with reliance on material values.

"Can the world imagine a template for the past, present and future of the human society which is superior to the Ali's and Mahdi's society?" he asked, referring to the first Imam of the Shia Muslims and the 12th Imam, who is believed by Shias to be alive but invisible.

Turning to the criticism of the fidelity of the election results that gave him an overwhelming, 2-to-1 lead over his main opponent, Mir-Hossein Mousavi, in the June 12 election, Ahmadinejad said: "[Even] if there are a thousand elections in Iran, with 100 percent participation, in their opinion, it will still not be democratic."

He advised the professors that "We have no alternative except returning to ourselves, and the duty of the universities in Iran is to show us the specifications of our utopia and ideal society, so that all forces and potentials move in that direction, and so that we will have a society in possession of its own economy, culture, politics and art."

"Cunningly and intelligently, our enemies try to make us busy with small concerns, so that we do not think and achieve the great goals.

"Today the world has been disappointed with the dominance of the theory of development, and has reached a dead end, and our today's mission is not limited to the internal affairs of the country, and it is a world-wide mission to be able to open a way before the world human society to escape from this disappointing situation," said the president.

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