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The International "Green" Qods Day: Stop Assault!

By Mohammad Sadeghi (translated by Sara Azad) - source: Mousavi's facebook

In the name of God, the Compassionate and the Merciful

The anniversary of Qods Day is on its ways. Although this time in grief of the martyrs of freedom tears were unveiled and this hidden secret was revealed to the world. The desire of a nation, as old as the civilization, for freedom is being interrogated. Those interrogators that in competition with their brutal challengers did not even show mercy to the families of those martyred in the war that was imposed by the same challengers.(1) They interrogate the revolution that its slogan is contradicting them: Independence, Freedom, and Islamic Republic. They interrogate the Islam that its beginning is contradicting them: In the Name of God, the Compassionate and the Merciful!

The 30th anniversary of Qods Day is around the corner. The day that was supposed to be when a nation who had suffered from the oppression of the tyrants, a free nation that was enjoying the spring of freedom after paying its cost with the blood of its sons and daughters and in appreciation of its freedom, makes the world hear its voice in support of another more oppressed nation after the last Friday Prayer of the holy month of Ramadan. The day that all freedom-seekers in the world were supposed to protest to those who by relying on their wealth, power and deception are assaulting others' rights and are destroying their lives, properties and voices under their autocrat boots. The ideology behind Qods Day was not and is not war, but to protest war. The message of Qods Day was not and is not racism and totalitarianism, but freedom, freedom for those who don't have wealth or power and who condemn deception.

The last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan was supposed to be a day that the voice of the defenceless people would be cried by the freedom seekers of the world; the day that small voices would became so unified that major media would have no option other than hearing and reflecting these voices, these cries and these callings. The day that was supposed to reveal the deception of the major media tainted with the interests of a certain group by the roaring voices of the people of all colours, races and religions who demand that the rights of all people be respected. The day that the court of micro-media was supposed to give verdict in favour of those people who their rights were denied only because of their difference in religion or race; and sentence those who recognise themselves as the ones chosen by God and "superior" on people's lives and wealth!!

Now it has been 30 years that each year part of the voice of the freedom seekers is being confiscated for the benefit of a certain group! A group that behind the veil of Islam, this time under the pretext of seeking revenge for the Muslims, are injecting the poison of racism to the oppressed and subjugated body of Muslim society; a group that made Qods a slogan in order to steal the supremacy from their counterparts in the battle of public deception. Those who are planning to seize the slogan of the revolution from the oppressed to become tyrants with new name and this time they don't even show mercy on the families of the oppressed; those who penetrated in the national media to give a new definition for the media dictatorship to the world, a definition that surpassed the media imperialism in lying and deception. They killed our "Neda" (young woman who was killed in the street and the meaning of her name is "voice") so that from now on it would only be the coup voice that world would hear from Islamic Republic of Iran; to the point that defending the rights of the oppressed people of the world has become the slogan of the oppressors who do not consider a slightest right for the dignity, vote, voice, honour and life of their own people.

The 30th anniversary of Qods Day will be Green. Green as in freedom, Green as in real Islam, Green as in Iran's flags, the Green that have unified the depressed pieces of a nation from all over the world; a Green that its movement and its leader are from the people; are from its tradition, its restoration, its religion and its freedom. Qods Day belonged to the oppressed; Green Qods Day will also belong to the oppressed; any oppressed that has been assaulted anywhere in the world.

This year Qods Day will be Green, so that all shall know assault is appalling, no matter where or by whom; on land, wealth or honour. This year the Iranian nation, a nation as old as the civilization, invites the world and especially the oppressed Palestinian nation, who not only has suffered the bitter taste of assault but also every year and always has had the support of the people and the government of Iran, to be Green, to wear Green and to think Green in solidarity with us, the Green. We have been victimised in a full scale assault not by strangers, not by disbelievers and not only in our rights, but by coup agents claiming to be Muslims and our fellow citizens. We invite them to join our voice, our colour, and our message as we are and have always been joining their voice and message.

Our message for this Qods Day: Stop Assault!

(1) Interesting point is that their fascist challengers in defying their fascist and extinct enemies are competing in fascism as well!

... Payvand News - 09/17/09 ... --

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