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Ayatollah Hossein Mousavi Tabrizi: These Pressures Are Useless

Source: Rooz Online

Ayatollah Hossein Mousavi Tabrizi

Ayatollah Hossein Mousavi Tabrizi is the secretary of the association of Qom Theological Center's Teachers and Researchers. Last Monday his son was arrested along with the children of ayatollah Nazemzadeh' and that of Mr. Ahmadi, both of whom are members of the center. Prior to that, ayatollah Montazeri's grandchildren were arrested. We spoke about these arrests with ayatollah Hossein Mousavi Tabrizi who interpreted his son's arrest in light of the recent events that followed Iran's June 12 disputed presidential elections.

Here are the excerpts.

The association of Qom Theological Center's Teachers and Researchers is a clerical group close to reformers which issued a statement after the coup elections of June 22 this year questioning the legitimacy of Ahmadinejad's administration. This group is viewed to be close to reformers issued several communiqués protesting the show trials, deaths, tortures and arrests that have followed the June 12 elections. Ayatollah Mousavi Tabrizi is the secretary of the association.

In our interview with Rooz, he pointed to the arrest of his son and said that it was carried out in the context of exerting pressure on him, adding, "Authorities of course know that I do not heed to such pressures. They know me well and understand that these events will not change my position or that of the association of Qom Theological Center's Teachers and Researchers."

The ayatollah said he did not know what the charges against his son were, but said, "Certainly this is related to the events that have taken place after the elections, but I still do not know what is the charge against him and have not heard from my son since his arrest."

This cleric's son was arrested based on a warrant issued by the special clerical court in Qom. "Neither my son nor the sons of Mr. Nazemzadeh or Ahmadi are clerics so we do not know why the clerical court took this step of arresting them," Tabrizi said.

Regarding his son's arrest and the gathering in front of ayatollah Sanei's house, Tabrizi said that the two were not connected because his son was not at that gathering.

Kidnapping for the Sake of Pressure
The arrest of the children of clerics belonging to this association follows the statement that the association issued calling on the public to continue their protests. The statement specifically writes, "The clergy is displeased with the recent events and shall stand alongside the Iranian nation."

A close source who is knowledgeable about the arrests of these senior clerics stressed that they had arrested the children instead of the fathers, and told Rooz, "These acts are aimed at pressuring the fathers and are in fact kidnappings, especially as other types of pressures had been applied to these clerics with the goal of changing their positions regarding recent events."

According to this source, these clerics had been contacted by authorities earlier and warned against publishing their statements, and so now the arrest of their children is a new type of pressure is being applied.

This person added that state "authorities were very angry at the members of the Qom Theological Center's Teachers and Researchers Association but does not seem to realize that by arresting the children of these senior and influential clerics, the regime will pay a high price for its actions. He named the statements issued by the association to be the cause of anger of government authorities.

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