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Next Stop: New York!

Source: Iran Green Wave (mowjcamp)

The coup makers fear nothing, and they will resort to any measure to keep their tight grip on power. In achieving their sinister goals, they have concocted cunning plans which in the long term lead to the destruction of Iran and the Iranian people and we must do our utmost to expose them wisely.

As the historical statement of Mir Hossein Mousavi had predicted, the illegal government of Ahmadinejad is seeking legitimacy from outside Iran after lacking legitimacy from the people and he will do so even it means abandoning our rights in favour of outsiders.

Buying oil from Venezuela at a price higher than that of the international rate, and his pre-sermon speech yesterday were two clear signs of a traitorous foreign policy which would give in to the demands of foreign governments. The evidence suggests that his speech yesterday was a planned invitation to the foreign press (who had been banned from even visiting Iran) just prior to his trip to New York in the week.

The main idea behind this strategy is the same as the one Ahmadinejad has experienced (mostly unsuccessfully) in his first four years of presidency: creating a massive news wave with the intention of diverting attention from the main news. However this time around, this tactic will mean giving up on national interests.

As planned by the coup makers, Yesterday Ahmadinejad decided to return to a point in foreign policy from which he started 4 years ago. However, during his first term he refrained from continuing with his behaviour after the counsel of reasonable figures in the system. Nevertheless, with the current state of affairs in the country, he has no choice but to return to his early strategy: denying the holocaust, anti-Semitic tirades (instead of rational criticism of Israel's crimes) and attracting the attention of global media. Hoping that this way, the international media will focus on Ahmadinejad instead of focusing on masses that oppose him and on his lack of internal legitimacy.

At the same time supporters of Israel will hold massive protests and will attempt to overshadow the protests of Iranians giving Ahmadinejad a chance to portray himself as an "anti-Israel" and "anti-western" figure.
As we have seen many times before, Ahmadinejad's supporters would like to make every possible effort to link any criticism of Ahmadinejad to Zionism.

As mowjcamp has stated many times, Ahmadinejad and Israel are actually rare complements of each other despite all the rhetoric that's usually tossed around between the two sides.

They both need each other to divert attention from the lack of legitimacy they face on their domestic fronts. However, what is sacrificed here is the rights of the Iranian people.

We must all therefore join hands to neutralize this dirty and foul tactic.

According to our reports, the coup makers are well aware of the importance of Ahmadinejad's trip to New York in gathering followers (especially in the Islamic world) and are showing relentless efforts in planning for this occasion. Yesterday's speech, invitations to Western media and forcing MPs who represent religious minorities to accompany him in New York are only parts of their cunning plans.

If the coup forces succeed in their plot to manipulate headlines, they will be encouraged even further to trade our national interests for their own gains.

New York is the first step in making sure this old tactic never comes to fruition.

... Payvand News - 09/20/09 ... --

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