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Iranian Opposition Leader Khatami Warns of Further Social Crises


Source: Radio Zamaneh

Mohammad Khatami, former President of Iran warned that if the authorities do not come up with effective policies the coming year will be the year of social crises.

Kalaemh reports that the reformist cleric maintained: "If it is said that the system is the same as these erroneous methods and nothing else and whoever has any enlightened ideas will be sidelined with various accusations, then the result will be that the young generation and others will say if this is the system, we do not want it."

Former president Seyyed Mohammad Khatami (l)  visited Feizollah Arab-Sorkhi at his home this week. Feizollah Arab-Sorkhi is a senior member of the Mojahedin of Revolution who was arrested days after the June presidential election along with other reformist figures and was recently released temporary on heavy bail. In this meeting Seyyed Mohammad Khatami praised Arab-Sorkhi for his resistance and perseverance and his family for their patience during the nine month illegal imprisonment of this reformist figure. Khatami while expressing sorrow over the illegal imprisonment of reformist figures expressed hope that other political prisoners would also be released and return to their families.

Mohammad Khatami who was speaking for a group of students at the University of Tehran expressed concern that the mistaken policies of the government may lead young people away from "the essence of the Revolution."

Yesterday, opposition leader, Mir Hossein Mousavi also spoke of the regime's loss of legitimacy.

In the past ten months, thousands of dissidents protesting the outcome of the June residential elections have been arrested and tens of people have been killed. Protesters have been sentenced to long prison terms and exile while a few have also received the death penalty.

Mohammad Khatami condemned the slandering efforts of Islamic Republic's official media and maintained that since media activities within the country have been so oppressed, people are turning to foreign media which has lead to rumors, "confusion and chaos."

In the past ten months, most reformist newspapers and publications have been shut down and over 80 journalists have been put under arrest.

The reformist leader once more insisted that the reform movement does not want to topple the government. He added: "The country has to come out of its security atmosphere, people's requests and demands should not be ignored and freedom of political prisoners, of interaction and of election should be established."

Islamic Republic authorities have repeatedly accused protesters of conspiring to topple the government.

Mohammad Khatami also emphasized that the government cannot be "above the law and have absolute power", he added: "It is no longer possible for the people to accept despotic governments that want to dictate everything from above.

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