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Kianush Asa's Mother: I Will Not Stay Silent Until My Son's Murder is Punished

By Fereshteh Ghazi, Rooz Online

The mother of Kianush Asa, an Elm va Sanat (Science and Industry) University student who was shot and killed on June 15 demanded in an interview with Rooz that those  responsible for her son's murder and the perpetrators be identified and prosecuted.

Kianush Asa was an art painter, cartoonist, musician and chemistry student at Tehran's Science and Industry University.  He had been thought to be just missing for a few days, whereas he had actually been shot on June 15, 2009.  Nine days later, his family received his body at the Tehran coroner's office.  

Despite receiving various threats in the past nine months, Kianush Asa's family members insist that they would not rest in peace until their son's murderer is identified and punished.  The pressure exerted on the family has gone so far as to cause Kianush's brother to be arrested and spend two months in prison.

An image from Fatemeh Fallah, Kianush Asa's mother, while she was holding a picture of her martyred son in one hand and one of her imprisoned son in the other, aroused many hearts.  This mourning she asked Rooz , "Do they not have children of their own to treat other people's children in this manner?  What have I done to see one of my son's in grave and the other in prison?"

Kamran has since been released on bail, but Mrs. Fallah still does not believe that the 25-year-old Kianush is dead.  She spoke to Rooz about pressures, threats, Kianush Asa's martyrdom and Kamran Asa's interrogations.  Here are her touching words.

Rooz: You had said earlier that your son went missing after in fact he had been shot.  Apparently some eyewitnesses on the scene explained the circumstances of Kianush's injury.  Can you explain?

Fatemeh Fallah (Fallah): Kianush went to the June 15 protest with his friends, but because of the size of the crowds he lost them. Those who saw him being shot found us later and told us that they didn't know Kianush prior to the shooting, but that he gave them his name after he was shot.  After he was shot in his ribs people come to help him and that is when he told them his name. These eyewitnesses said that Kianush was shot only once, in the ribs, and that he was not in critical condition. He was conscious and speaking.  No one knows what happened after they took Kianush away in an ambulance along some others who had also been shot.

Rooz: But when you saw Kianush's body you saw two bullet holes, is that correct?

Fallah: Yes, on June 24 we identified Kianush in photos that they showed us.  His face had severely changed and his mouth was full of blood.  We couldn't believe it was a photo of Kianush, until we saw the death certificate and his body on June 25.  Eyewitnesses said that Kianush was shot only once, but there were two bullet holes in my son's body.  The second bullet had hit him under the neck.  An autopsy had been performed and all his clothes were removed.

Memorial of Kianush Asa in Kermanshah

Rooz: Are you still determined to investigate Kianush's murder, despite all the threats and pressures?

Fallah: No threat or amount of pressure can make me give up on my son's blood.  My Kianush was a role model and my pillar.  His was my heart and soul and they should explain why they killed him.  Why were there two bullet holes in his body when he had been shot only once?  When and why was he shot the second time?  Who ordered the murder of our children?  Who killed him?  I will never back down.

On one hand they killed one of my sons and on the other hand they arrested my other son while he was mourning for his brother. They kept him at the Ghezel Hesar prison along with dangerous criminals and drug smugglers.  When Kamran was released he was suffering from a colon infection and underwent medical treatment for a long time.  My daughter who was supposed to be studying and live her private life, was forced to spend two months in front of the revolutionary court.  My other daughter studied for two years for the university entrance exam only to attend her brother's funeral on the day of the exam.  She is in no mood to study anymore.  They completely disrupted our lives and I won't give up on my son's blood.  How can they think these threats would silence me?  Can you believe that I wake up every morning with the thought of talking with Kianush and telling him to do this and that?  But when I open my eyes I see his picture on the wall and his musical instrument by the wall and only then I realize in disbelief that there is no Kianush.  None of our family members can believe that there is no Kianush.  I will not be silent until the day of punishment for my son's murderer and those who ordered it.


Students holding Memorial for Kianush Asa

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