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Iranian professors fired from universities


Source: Radio Zamaneh

Two Iranian university professors were fired from Iran University of Science & Technology, Kalameh Website reports. Aliasghar Beheshti Shirazi, a telecommunications lecturer and Mohammad Shahri, electrical engineering lecturer received their official dismissal letters from University management.

Professor Touraj Mohammadi, head of the University's Chemistry department resigned his position in March "in protest to University policies against students," according to Kalameh.

The three University professors of Iran University of Science & Technology are all signatories of a letter condemning the issuance of heavy disciplinary sentences for students in the post-election events.

In the same vein, Morteza Mardiha, philosophy professor at Allameh Tabatabai Univeristy was handed his dismissal letter last week.

Saba Vasefi, a human rights researcher and activists was also dismissed from her teaching position at Shahid Beheshti University in February.

A protest scene at Sharif University, December 2009
Iranian universities are a strong base of support for the Green opposition movement.

Iran's Minister of Science and Technology has initiated a political cleansing of the universities announcing earlier: "Every professor that enters a class must be committed to the principles of Islamic ideology and worldview."

Throughout Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's presidency over 50 university professors have been fired or forced into early retirement.

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