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Iranian Opposition Leaders Issue Call for Demonstrations on the Vote Anniversary

Source: Mir Hossein Mousavi's facebook

Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi in a joint meeting invited all the people to participate in the demonstrations on the first year anniversary of the rigged presidential election on June 12th based on the article 27 of the constitution that allows everyone to hold peaceful gatherings and demonstrations as long as they don't carry weapons . They also invited all reformist parties and groups to apply for permission through the Interior Ministry.

Mir Hossein Mousavi visited Mehdi Karroubi for the new Persian year. In this joint meeting that was held yesterday (April 26th) Mousavi and Karroubi discussed the important events and situation of the country. According to SahamNews (the official website of Etemad Melli party) Mehdi Karroubi while welcoming Mir Hossein Mousavi hoped that the new Persian year would be the year freedom and prosperity for the people of Iran and prayed to God that all political prisoners would be freed soon.
Mir Hossein Mousavi by criticising the current policies of the government said: "At the moment with respect to the fundamental structures they don't have any clear and accurate agenda and should think about long term plans. The situation of the government has come to the point that they think everyone is a conspirator and has developed illusions about conspiracy."

Mir Hossein Musavi and Mehdi Karrubi during their meeting

Mir Hossein Mousavi while condemning the totalitarians said: "They do not comprehend the essence of our words. In our statements and speeches all they are after are the words and not their meanings. Unfortunately an ideological system has this problem. They tell the illusion and hoax that they made up such they themselves believe them and what they have fabricated influence them such that they don't hear the truth."

Mir Hossein Mousavi while strongly criticising the domestic and foreign policies as well as the poor economy and corruption said: "We believe that our people have collective memory. The government thinks that people forget its action, its word and its behaviour, but this is not the case."

Mir Hossein Mousavi by pointing to financial corruption case of Ahmadinejad's deputy that was raised by some members of the parliament but by an informal message from the supreme leader was aborted or the attack on the dormitory of the Tehran University by Basij and plain clothes militia which in the video footage that was released recently the brutality of the attack was shown added: "For instance regarding the financial corruption case that was raised a few weeks ago what has happened?! They arrested some low ranks and as soon as the name of one individual (Ahmadinejad's deputy) was raised all of the sudden everything went silent; or the case of the attack on the Tehran University dormitory and the video that was released. Unfortunately they think that people will forget as time goes by."

Mousavi added: "These actions are against Islam. Every day they accuse a group of people of being infidels, traitors and etc. only because they have talked a word against the views and opinions of these guys. Honestly I really don't know how they are going to answer to God. The crucial situation of the workers, their layoffs and suspending their salaries, the decrease in the rate of investment in the country and many more cases are all due to the incompetence in economic system and management of the country. People don't forget the promises and these events."

Mousavi added: "All the senior and experienced experts have been isolated from the organisations only because of partisan and political reasons! I don't see a bright future in improving the economical situation of the country, because the foundations have been damaged; the tolls have been removed; warning organisations have been eliminated and there don't consider any place for experts in the society any more. Even if now one of the conservatives would say something [that is opposed to their views] they will call that person a traitor as well!"

Mehdi Karroubi also while confirming Mir Hossein Mousavi's remarks said: "Unfortunately what they are doing to the people is being done in the name of Islam and these actions is hurting Islam. At the moment the situation of the country is very horrifying such that they say whatever they want; they insult and falsely accuse anyone of whatever they want; they publish whatever statistics they want and all these are because they think the voice of their opposition is not reaching anywhere. But they don't know that it is the people who are listening and are seeing the political and economical situation and what a dark future is awaiting them."

Karroubi added: "What is the reason for all these unemployment? What is the reason for the poor job market and workers situation? These guys either don't know or don't want to know that a single [impractical] word that they mention in international platforms can be very damaging to the people and the economy of the country. Because of the sanctions they had to make deals with Chinese, Malaysian and Venezuelan companies and then gave all the contracts to armed forces!"

Mehdi Karroubi in condemning the double standard used by government in the recent events and regarding the Kahrizak prison crimes where post-election protestors were detained, tortured and some even killed said: "When I went public about the events of Kahrizak prison and the crimes that happened there and followed up on them, they made thousands of threats and falsely accused me of many lies to discredit my documented claims. They did not avoid any actions in order to put pressure on me. At the end despite all their propaganda, they prepared a report of the crimes that had happened in Kahrizak prison. They sentence three misfortunate individuals whom two of them are low ranking police officers and one according to them is an outlaw and closed the case! They did not even pay any attention the report of the parliament!"

Torture & Death at Kahrizak Prison
It's been confirmed by the government that 4 protesters have died while in detention at the notorious Kahrizak prison. No one had been brough to justice for the deaths yet.

Mohsen Ruholamini

Mohammed Kamrani


Amir Javadifar


Ramin Aghazadeh Ghahremani

Karroubi by pointing out Ahmadinejad's recent trip to Zimbabwe and referring to the statement by Zimbabwe's MDC party in which they resembled Ahmadinejad's trip to Zimbabwe for an investment forum to inviting a mosquito to cure malaria, said: "So is our dignity preserved now? When you say that your trips are great, is this one of them? Trips to Zimbabwe and a few other countries at the same level are great? Is it dignity when they resemble you to and call you "Malaria mosquito" or "Butcher of the opposing"? Certainly like Columbia University when you were insulted so much and then called it the great victory! What are these guys thinking? Do they think at all?! ... They say one thing and follow one policy today and they change it the day after! Are they obligated to demote the country so much?!"

By considering the remarks and conspiracies of the government's media as worn out tactics, Mehdi Karroubi added: "They tell us to repent. Of course repenting [from God] is good but don't all these murders, lies, tortures, violating people's rights and wasting public resources [committed by the government] require repentance? Those should repent who have committed such unjust actions again the rights of Iranian people. One day they say that the population of the country must increase, the next day they say that the population of Tehran is too much and 5 million people must be evacuated from Tehran, the next day they say that earthquake is coming (referring to Ahmadinejad's remark that he said that birth control is conspiracy of the west to keep the population of Iran low and that the population needs to double up as soon as possible and his other remark that the population of Tehran is too much and 5 million must be evacuated because he predicts an earthquake in Tehran). Also about that earthquake, they say that people should repent so that the earthquake does not happen (referring to the remarks made by one of the hardliner clerics who said earthquakes happens because women do not completely cover up themselves and that they cause earthquake and therefore people should repent for this sin)! Then when the earthquake does not happen they say that our prayers worked! Are people a joke to your immature and thoughtless ideas and actions? Aren't all these unemployment and economic problems that have spread throughout the country like plague enough?"

Regarding the violation of human rights and the horrible situation of the prisons, Mehdi Karoubi said: "How come the human rights organizations that were pressuring on Iran's prisons [about the violations of human rights] during the Shah's era were good but now the same organizations that are pursuing the situation of political prisoners and their families and the horrible situation of the prisons, are guilty, criminal and wicked? Didn't you become full of joy over the reports of some of the very same media that now you call them agents of CIA about the conditions of Iran's prisons [during the Shah's era]?"

By expressing his worries about the situation of overseeing organizations, Mir Hossein Mousavi said: "All country's overseeing organizations are either sleep or dissolved...Of course there are some projects being done in the country that they arrest some people and then release them after a while and ask them to say things that they ask and if their goals are not met then they are sent back to the prison... Currently, our people's awareness about the political and social problems has evolved from an embryo and people are more aware; and this awareness is fast expanding every day. Our people's understanding has become deeper but since the actions of the government are in the name of Islam, still there are harms being done to Islam."

On the same subject, Mehdi Karroubi stated: "Can a member of parliament who must be representative of constituency, with peace of mind and without fear of terror and getting harm, respond to the needs of people who elected him? How would the future generations judge us and what would they write in their books [about us]?"

At the end of this meeting Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi invited the people to participate in the demonstrations on the first year anniversary of the rigged presidential election on June 12th based on the article 27 of the constitution that guarantees freedom of assembly, provided arms would not be carried and the assemblies would not be harmful to the fundamental principles of Islam. They also invited all reformist parties and groups to apply for permission through the Interior Ministry.

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