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U.S. not in a position to attack Iran: IRGC commander

Source: Mehr News Agency, Tehran

The United States is not in a position to carry out its military threats against Iran, according Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Commander Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari. The United States is fully aware of Iran's defense capabilities and is not capable of carrying out its threats, he said in the northwestern city of Ardebil on Wednesday.

Revolutionary Guard chief General Mohammad Ali Jafari
(file photo)

He stated that the U.S. has deployed thousands of troops in the region under the pretext of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, but Iran will never capitulate to illegal demands made through military intimidation.

He went on to say that the IRGC is fully prepared to counter any threats against Iran.

Jafari added that the enemy has stepped up its soft war against the Islamic Republic since they know that a military attack is not an option.

MP Esmaeil Kosari said in Tehran on Wednesday that all regional countries are alert to the Israeli military threats.

He stated that the U.S. and Israel are issuing military threats against regional countries in order to terrify the entire region.

But the United States and Israel cannot afford to start a new war on a new battlefield, said Kosari, who is a member of the Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee.

"The Zionist regime recently put this to the test by attacking a part of Lebanon, and after receiving an appropriate response, immediately declared a ceasefire," he stated.

He noted that that the United States is floundering in Afghanistan and Iraq and that U.S. soldiers' morale is at an all-time low.

MP Gholamreza Karami also dismissed the possibility of a new war in the Middle East region.

The United States and Israel are in an extremely difficult position and cannot afford to initiate a new war, he said in Tehran on Tuesday.

The Zionist regime believes its survival depends on continual wars and conflicts in the region, and thus it is regarded as a threat to regional countries, he noted.

Karami also advised Iran's military establishment to remain on high alert in the face of any potential attack.

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