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Iran's Opposition Leader Mousavi: Instead of phony arguments, be honest with the people

Source: Mir Hossein Mousavi's facebook

Mir Hossein Mousavi met with a group of former Prisoners of War and veterans of Iran-Iraq war. During this meeting, in which Zahra Rahnavard was also present, first some of the veterans while outlining some of their problems and difficulties after being released from Saddam's prisons shared their views about the country's political, economical and social problems especially after the last year's rigged presidential election. The most important issue pointed out by the veterans was their economic challenges and hardship that many of them have been suffering after their release and the social problems and issues that they and their families have been going through. The veterans also added that it is even more depressing that many of these veterans, after bearing several years of imprisonment in Saddam's horrendous prisons, have now been imprisoned by the hand of the current government for months for their political views during the election campaign.

Mir Hossein Mousavi

After the remarks of these noble veterans, Mir Hossein Mousavi, while congratulating them for the anniversary of the day marking the return of POWs, said: "During the holly defense (the imposed war of Iraq on Iran which lasted eight years), people and officials never forgot the soldiers and POWs and every day and every hour the news about the POWs were being noticed." While remembering the proud veteran POW, late Abotorabi, who had an important role in keeping the spirit of the POWs high, Mir Hossein Mousavi continued: "Paying attention to human dignity, love of Islam and Imam [Khomeini], and guarding the homeland were the most important bases of the resistance and unity of POWs in Saddam horrendous prisons."

Sale sign for Iran's identity assets

Mir Hossein Mousavi added: "These days, besides all the problems that the country is suffering from, there are arguments over the relation between Islam and Iran. Of course it is very clear that the argument is for specific political goals. Some, as they throw away hundreds of billions of dollars of the country's oil revenue over the past few years, today are after putting up a sale sign for the nation's identity assets in order to achieve short term partisan gains, otherwise we all know that for our soldiers during the holy defense era that they were defending our homeland, there was no argument about any contradiction between Iran and Islam."

In the opposed war, the moments of patriotism did not stand in front of religious beliefs

Mir Hossein Mousavi added: "During this long unfair war, even one centimeter of the soil of our dear homeland was not given up and at the same time the war fronts were the highest place for divine experiences. During this war the moments of patriotism did not stand in front of religious beliefs but rather what we witnessed was a blend of Islam and Iran in an inclusive unique identity. Basically, at the beginning of the revolution, the national identity was defined in a way that in the demonstrations that led to the victory of the revolution, Zoroastrians, Christians, and Jews were among the lines of Muslims, Shia or Sunni, and also during the war, alongside other warriors chanting God is great, the warriors of other religions were present too and they have always been present."

Those who have become claimant of Iranian culture are the same ones who practically dismantled the Cultural Heritage Organization

Mir Hossein Mousavi added: "At that time no one was after cooking up an opportunity for himself or taking advantage of national resources. Therefore there were no definitions on contradicting views or behaviors in the names of the nation of Iran or the nation of Islam. Unfortunately in the recent arguments the plan for a new phony war in order to drew new lines is being observed; and it is interesting to note that today those who have become claimant of the Iranian culture are the same ones who in the shortest time [practically] dismantled the Cultural Heritage Organization of the country. We are witnessing that an organization that is supposed to preserve the aspects of our national identity is going through the same dark fate that happened to the Planning and Budget Organization. In this phony war it is not clear that which Iran should be introduced to the world or which Islam should be defended?"

Which Iran? Which Islam? The issue  is this...

They are questioning the 30-year history of the revolution in order to preserve totalitarians' shaky foundations of power

Mousavi in another part of his remarks said: "In this phony war they avoid having updated look at Islam and Iran.  They don't make it clear that which Iran should to be introduced to the world, or which Islam should be defended. The Iran which has the highest rates of drug addictions?  the Iran with 14.5% unemployment rate and 29% unemployment among youth? The Iran with prisons filled with political prisoners, silenced voices, suffocated media and violated human rights? The Iran that due to the damaging policies is falling behind in comparison to the competing neighboring countries. No one in this phony war asks what has happened to the twenty-year vision for a prosperous Iran!"  

When in this [phony] argument Islam is being discussed they don't mention what has happened to Islam with the spread of dominations of lies and hypocrisy. Is this Islam the same Islam of that honorable religious whom because of siding with justice his home has been destroyed?[1] Or is the Islam of that Friday Prayer Imam whom without any hesitation makes false accusations against political rivals regarding accenting one billion dollars from foreigners and  waiting to receive 50 billion dollars more? [2]Or is the Islam that high ranking security officials make up stories full of false accusations and lies in its name and spread them in the society and using it in order  to preserve the totalitarians' shaky foundations of power, the 30-year history of the revolution is being questioned? When the seven well-known figures with bright backgrounds hand in a complaint against these made up stories to the judiciary , they themselves are called back to Evin prison.  In the Islam that Imam Ali (Peace be upon him) introduced is it possible that the plaintiff would be taken to prison instead of the criminals? Mousavi emphasized: "Neither the Iran that they are after is recognized or accepted by us nor the Islam that they introduce and make it a tool to achieve their own desires and interests."

Our nation is follower of the Islam that Imam Ali (peace be upon him) practiced

Our nation is follower of the Islam that Imam Ali (peace be upon him) practiced, that when a non-Muslim citizen of the society accused him, he stood in front of the judge just as equally  and when the judge showed slightest favor toward him, he did not tolerate that. By repeating this sentence that our society and our government is Islamic nothing will be proved. The main issue is to answer this question that why in a government that claims to be Islamic, the chairman of the Guardian Council of the constitution would not stand in front of the judge side by side a well-known  former manager so that the complaint that was filed against him would be processed, and instead they put that manager in prison!" [3]

Instead of planning the phony Islamic-Iranian war, be honest with the nation

Mousavi said: "Today that the country is facing various crises and problems both in domestic and foreign stages, one of the solutions to eliminate these problems is to eradicate lies from the society and stop these fake fabrication waves. Instead of fabricating these useless stories, they have to be honest with the nation, and instead of creating [phony] Islam-Iran war they must tell the people whether the government recognizes people's rights mentioned in the constitution or not, and if they recognize them then why not only these principles are not implemented in the society but rather its opposite is being carried out in the society. Such that escaping from the rule of law and violating the fundamental rights and basic principles of justice are being institutionalized! Saying that Iran is the freest country in the world while our prisons are filled with political prisoners is not going to solve any problem. Also Denying the economical problems while the people feel its consequences very closely every day is not going to solve any problem.

Trust in people's judgment then the problems will be solved

Mir Hossein Mousavi addressed to the  totalitarians said: "stop monopolizing, repressing and destroying and trust in people and people's judgment; create social peace and the problems will be solved with the efforts of this noble nation and the crises will be passed. The problems will be solved when we lay foundations for free and non-selective elections and the judiciary system shows that it is not obeying the orders from intelligence interrogators and is [indeed] independent.  I believe that holding a fair, independent and public trial to investigate the same complaint that the seven well-known figures of the country handed in to the judiciary can be more effective in returning the security to the country than canons, guns and missiles."

A way to eliminate  foreign dangers

To solve the crises return to the people not to the unclear deals

We all must know that the way to eliminate foreign security threats, is to attract people's hearts by honoring their rights. You just return to the people and you can see that the seeds of this crises will be eliminated and there would be no need  for unclear transactions and deals which inevitably are not in our  financial interests or would not impose more pointless and avoidable hardships and suffering on the people."

The difficulties of returning to the people

Mousavi at the end said: "Of course returning to the people has its own problems which one of the most difficult ones is to accept people's votes rather than accepting governmental votes!"

[1] Referring to the attacks by organized Basij and militia thugs on the houses and offices of Grand Ayatollah Saanei and late Grand Ayatollah Montazeri who have been among the most senior religious figures that condemned the repression of the people in the aftermath of the rigged presidential elections.

[2] Referring to the false accusations made by Ahmad Janatti, chairman of Guardian Council and Tehran's Friday Prayer Imam, claiming that the Green Leaders have received one billion dollar from US government via Saudis and were supposed to receive 50 billion more when they succeed to overthrow the establishment.

[3] Referring to the complaint made by Seyyed Mosataf Tajzadeh, former deputy Interior Minister in Khatami's administration, against Ahamad Janatti, the chairman of Guardian Council. Tajzadeh who was in charge of executing elections for the parliament's sixth round made this complaint after the Guardian Council illegally meddled in the election process and altered the results to prevent specific reformist figures from getting in the parliament and replacing them with some hardliners.

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