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Three judicial officials involved in Kahrizak prison deaths suspended


Source: Mehr News Agency, Tehran

Three top judicial officials at the Tehran prosecutor office who were connected to the case of the Kahrizak detention center have been suspended from their jobs, an informed source told the Mehr News Agency.

An outside view of the notorious Kahrizak detention center

After an investigation of the responsibilities of the three senior judicial officials, the military court of judges ruled for suspending them from their job and holding them accountable like ordinary citizens.

The Kahrizak detention center came into the spotlight after it was revealed that three inmates were beaten to death there. Mohsen Rouholamini, Mohammad Kamrani, and Amir Javadifar were the three men who died at Kahrizak.

Tortured & Beaten to Death at Kahrizak Prison

Mohsen Ruholamini

Mohammed Kamrani

Amir Javadifar

The three victims had been detained in the post-election unrest in 2009.

The Kahrizak detention center, located south of Tehran, was closed on the order of Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei because it was substandard.

Saeed Mortazavi

Former Tehran Prosecutor, Saeed Mortazavi was found responsible for the torture and death of election protesters at the infamous detention centre Kahrizak, according to the Parliamentary Committee report which investigated the post-election events. But so far no charges have been brought against him.


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