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Iran's Opposition Leader: Some See Their Benefit In Creating Division Among People

Source: Mir Hossein Mousavi's facebook

Mir Hossein Mousavi in his latest meeting which took place with a group of children of veterans of Iran-Iraq war while reviewing the achievements and effects of the Green Movement of the people of Iran, stressed on the importance of unity and perseverance until the fulfillment of the desired demands of the people in the country.

Mir Hossein Mousavi called the Green Movement of the people of Iran a movement that created compassion and unity among different layers of the people and said: "The continuation of the Green Human Chain that was formed [during presidential campaign] from Tajrish Square (in north of Tehran) to Rah-Ahan square (in south of Tehran) is being pursued in national stage and all of us despite our polarity of votes, different ideas, cultures and ethnicity will gradually overcome our stammers and will be able to talk to each other more easily."

The chain of uniting the organizations: Freedom, Justice and guarding people's rights

The Green Movement has laid the foundation of achieving national reconciliation

On the same topic, Mousavi added: "The political organizations that had been separated due to wring policies, are gradually coming closer together, talking to each other and sitting at one table. What that is their point of connection is the effort for achieving freedom, justice and understanding to guard people's rights. The borders of "insiders" and "outsiders" are gradually fading and instead compromise and dialogue are becoming dominant. Today, more than ever, the blessings of the Green Movement of the people have laid the foundation of national reconciliation, friendship and unity among the various cultures, ethnicities, Shias and Sunnies and all the layers [of the society]."

Some see their interests in creating division among the people and are spreading hatred in the name of "Soft War" They have turned the national media in to a divisive and biased media

Mousavi said: "Although some who see their interests in creating division and shattering people's unity are continuing to spread hatred through fabricating false charges and other extensive measures in the name of fighting the "Soft War" and the unhealthy movements that we sometimes see these days in cyber space that ridicule the sacred values, have roots in these millions dollars budget that is being spent in the name of "Cyber War" and "Cyber Army" and they want to infect the cyber space emerged from the Green Movement with their viruses just as they turned the national media to a divisive and biased media with their meddling, so that our Muslim nation loses its trust in this beautiful window that has been opened; but this scheme will also have reverse result."

As can be seen in ancient political documents even then the close link between oppression and destruction of a state was recognized

The prime minister of the holy era of deference during the Iran-Iraq war while expressing sorrow that the establishment has become tainted with inanition, corruption and oppression, said: "The establishment is not capable of creating transformations within itself required according to global and domestic changes. This issue is actually natural because the most effective elements in order to have desired changes are people's involvement in all affairs, honoring people's right to choose their own destiny and respecting citizens' rights. As can be seen in ancient political documents even then the close link between oppression and destruction of a state was recognized"

Today our prisons are filled with the heroic and justice-seeking children of this country

Mir Hossein Mousavi said: "In old days we had read in our religious books about the [notorious] prisons like the ones during Mansour Davaghini and Harun Al-Rashid eras, and today our prisons are filled with the heroic and justice-seeking children of this country. Even those who have complained against the charges that had been pressed against them are taken to prison, and those who fabricate these false charges and their supporting organizations are out of judiciary's reach."

The key to bring joy to the society

Mousavi by stating that the key aspect to achieve democracy is to accept people's votes said: "The votes of the people can save the country from the crisis that it has been in it, and bring joy and passion back to the society."

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