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Concern over Iranian reformists newly returned to prison


Source: Radio Zamaneh

Iranian reformist organization, Islamic Iran Participation Front issued a statement expressing concern over the health of Mostafa Tajzadeh and Mohammad Nourizad who were recently recalled back to Evin Prison.

Mohammad Nourizad among supporters on August 18

Jaras website reports that the Participation Front describes the information blackout against these detainees as the "apex of lawlessness of the cruel-hearted jailors."

The reformist organization condemns the violence exercised against political detainees and maintains that such policies will lead to the "fall of the Islamic Republic."

The senior executive member of Islamic Iran Participation Front, Mostafa Tajzadeh had to return to prison after five months of temporary release on bail.

He was arrested last year in the violent crackdown on the protests against the alleged fraud that brought Mahmoud Ahmadinejad back to power and was kept imprisoned for over nine months before he was released on bail in March.

Mostafa Tajzadeh leaving for Evin prison

Tajzadeh, along with six of his fellow reformists, recently issued a letter of complaint for the judiciary accusing the Revolutionary Guards of engineering the results of the presidential elections and organizing the oppression of protests against the said fraud.

The letter resulted in the recall of two of the signatories of the letter back to prison.

Mohammad Nourizad, Iranian journalist and filmmaker, was also detained in the post-election protests for writing critical letters about Iran's political situation addressed to the supreme leader.

He was released on bail in July only to publish his final letter to the leader on August 25 and be recalled to jail three days later.

In a final note before returning to prison, Nourizad writes that he is afraid that this time he will be executed for trumped up charges.

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