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Mousavi says security can be achieved through honoring people's will

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Mir Hossein Mousavi

Iran's opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi in a meeting with a group of veterans of Iran-Iraq called today's situation of the society "unsafe" and stressed that the only way to return safety and security to the society is through honoring people's will and their movement. Mousavi in this meeting talked about the reasons behind this lack of safety in the society. Mousavi stated that fear of repression, fear of unemployment and fear of organized corruption, which have become dominant in the society today, are some of the signs of extensive oppression and injustice that exists in the country today

A guiding faith; a kind of faith that is not covered behind oppression and injustice

Mousavi in a meeting with a group of veterans of Iran-Iraq war on the day marking the birth of Imam Hassan (Shias' second Imam), while congratulating the anniversary of the birthday of Imam Hassan (peace be upon him), who has been the symbol of perseverance and patience, said: "In the holy Quran we read "Those who believe and do not taint their beliefs with oppression, are safe and they are the guided ones". This verse shows that having faith alone neither brings security nor is the salvage from bewilderment and wandering; but faith provides security and guidance and rescues from bewilderment when is not covered beneath oppression and injustice."

The cities of Dezful and Ilam during war; evidence of people's faith

The prime minister of the holy era of defence during Iran-Iraq war addressed to these veterans said: " You yourselves were witness that during the holy defence ear, the city of Dezful had been hit by missiles that had one-ton warheads but the people did not evacuate the city and [even] the Friday Prayers were not cancelled. The situation was the same in the city of Ilam as well. This city was under bombardments everyday and I remember that whenever the representatives of the administration were travelling to this city, it was the people who were comforting them; and the situation was the same all across the country. Neither war nor shortages or [low] six million dollars oil revenue did not take the sense of security away from the people."

A Quranic response to a fundamental question; why there is no sense of safety in the country

Mir Hossein Mousavi said: "The important question is that why today when from morning to night, the sounds of prayer, worship and religious eulogy are loud from everywhere and religious and spiritual advertisements are being shown on all TV channels full-time, the sense of safety does not exist in the society? The reason is very clear: The faith does exist but it has been covered beneath oppression and injustice."

Clear signs of oppression in today's society

Mousavi regarding the same topic said: "Fear of repression, fear of forced confession, fear of unemployment and inflation, fear of foreign attacks, fear of eavesdropping and interference in personal affairs, fear of bounced cheques, fear of organized corruptions, fear of judges who take orders from interrogators and cover their faith with dark and sinister clothes of oppression, all are the signs of wide spread existence of oppression and lack of injustice. In these circumstances faith cannot create security or be the guide for the people to a bright future and afterlife. I don't think that there are many reasons needed to prove this issue.  When the Minister of Intelligence follows the Friday Prayer Imam and the Chairman of the Guardian Council and spreads lies[1] how one can seek safety in such a society?"

The Minister of Intelligence whose responsibility is to create the sense of calm, but...

The pretense resembling to the prophet neither brings no saintety or peace of mind

Mir Hossein Mousavi in continuation of his remarks by asking this question that "Under these circumstances, don't people have the right to feel fear and apprehension from this Interior Ministry which providing peace of mind is one of its responsibilities?",  said: "What is more surprising is that these guys and their allies are wearing the clothing of the Prophet .[2]  This issue is an evidence to this fact that the pretense resembling to the prophet neither brings no saintety or peace of mind, although these officials are apparently in full safety behind their powers."

protesters in Tehran on December 27

Security can be achieved only through freedom from fear and liberty from need

Covering up major corruptions has become a norm

Mousavi added: "Feeling secure does not summarize in the mere security of the government and its agents. The discussion is over the people's security and the people's security is achieved by being free from fear and becoming liberated from the need. Those who riding in safe government's armored vehicles and close their eyes and talk of selling bread to the international prices are not feeling the people's pain and fear. They do not understand how the fear of having the furniture and belonging of the family thrown out because of their inability to pay the rent shears the soul and body of the low income families. Especially, in an environment that covering up the big corruptions and aversions of the law have become the norm."

They cannot understand the people

Mousavi in this meeting pointed to the dangers of sanctions that threats the country and said: "Those who can fill their pockets with more money because of these sanctions cannot comprehend people's concerns over the outcome of these sanctions and their dangers; add to all these the fear of your votes being stolen and the fear of you trusting in the government and the government betrayals your trust."

A way to portray a bright prospect and security for the people

Mousavi in continuation said: "The security will not return to the society with the notorious black and horrifying clothes that is worn on Basij. In order to create bright prospect and security in the society, the curtains of oppression and injustice must be torn, and this will not be possible unless with people's united will and their movement. Freedom and justice and following those security and liberty from fear are not handed to a nation as a gift, but rather a conscious nation achieves them through the power of patience and perseverance and the costs that people are paying today are for achieving such a goal."

A sign of the lack of tolerance by a section of the government

Mousavi emphasized: "The lack of tolerance and rigidness of the establishment reached a point that they sensor the popular prayer of people's beloved artist at Iftar time[3] or they issue directive to the media banning them from reflecting any news related to the Green Movement."

Daunting situation that is the outcome of domestic thoughtless remarks and malice of Zionist regime

Mousavi in another part of his remarks said: "The reckless policies of past years, thoughtless remarks and boasts have put the country in a daunting situation. Today those wish harm to our nation are beating on the drum of war and attack and it is clear that the Zionist regime plays a significant role in advancing this ominous concern."

Mousavi by pointing to the issue that the Zionist regime needs to stimulate public minds against our nation in the world in order to fulfill their ominous agenda said: "Unfortunately domestic [reckless] rhetoric in which the whole planet of Earth is being threatened [4] provides the needed excuse for the necessary propaganda [against our nation] in this matter."

We clearly and frankly defend the national interests

The reaction of the Green Movement to any foreign threats will be along with maintaining the limits and boundaries with the autocrats

Mir Hossein Mousavi at the end of his remarks said: "What matters to the Green movement is to react to any foreign threats along with maintaining the limits and boundaries with the autocrats. We will all clearly and frankly defend the national interests. We sincerely and compassionately advise [the government] that in order to achieve a reasonable foreign policy and reduce the dangers for the country, before it is too late, use the credible, wise and experienced [human] resources."

[1] Referring to the shameful remarks of Ahmad Janatti, Tehran's Friday Prayer Imam and Chairman of the Guardian Council, and the Minister of Intelligence who falsely accused the Green leaders of receiving more than one billion dollar from the US government via Saudis to create what was called "tension" in the country following the tenth presidential elections and were supposed to receive fifty billion dollars more if they could over throw the establishment.

[2] Referring to the clothing of clerics who dress in the same style that prophet Mohammad (peace be up on him) used to dress, in a long robe and turban.

[3] Referring to the popular prayer of legendary singer, Mohammad Reza Shajarian, who after siding with the Green Movement of the people and protesting to the biased policies of the state-run TV and radio channels his payer which had been aired moments before the Iftar time (when Muslims break their fast at sunset during the holy month of Ramadan) for many years was banned this year.

[4] Referring to the recent thoughtless remarks and hollow threats of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that if the foreign countries even attack Iran then the whole planet Earth would not be safe!

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