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Iran to increase gas imports from Azerbaijan


Source: Tehran Times

TEHRAN -- The Iranian deputy oil minister stated that high-ranking officials will soon discuss importing daily 5 million cubic meters of gas from Azerbaijan.

SHANA news agency quoted Javad Owji as saying by the end of the holy month of Ramadan an Iranian delegation will travel to Azerbaijan to see whether they are interested in increasing their gas export to Iran.

He said, "Our fundamental policy in this field is to buy gas and sell gas to customers, and presently most of our contracts are like that, and only in the case of Azerbaijan we transit their gas to Nakhchivan Republic."


SHANA previously reported that according to a gas agreement between Iran and Azerbaijan the capacity of the gas pipeline between the two countries can be increased to transfer 2.5 million cubic meters daily in the first stage and 5 million in the second stage.

Currently 1 million cubic meters daily of gas is imported from Azerbaijan and swapped over to Nakhchivan Republic.

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