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Mir Hossein Mousavi's interview with Internet newspaper Ghalam Sabz

The full English translation of the transcript of Mir Hossein Mousavi's interview with an underground internet newspaper - Ghalam Sabz, which is run by a group of reformist activists in the absence of conventional free media - is as follows: 

Ghalam Sabz: With special thanks that despite all the limitations and problems you agreed to have this interview. Recently one of Tehran's [appointed] Friday Prayer Imams has resembled the [Green] Movement to "the fire beneath the ash", on the other hand a group of political activists by emphasizing on the end of street protests insists that the Green Movement has gone on recession and ended, what is your evaluation of the current situation of the movement?

Mir Hossein Mousavi: In my opinion the mentioned Friday Prayer Imam has a very strong sense of prediction. Although because of his dependence to power and rank his position is to defend the oppression and violence and actions such as falsely accusing the opposition of getting one billion dollars financial aid from the United States, or promoting violence, or his strong desire for executions and obtaining confessions and, most importantly, the extensive fraud in the elections and the widespread disqualifications of the candidates has made him unjust, but given all these the Greens should listen to his remarks patiently. He is a rather complete example of the tyrannical totalitarians and unconsciously reveals good information that he has in his speeches. He resembled the movement to the fire beneath the ash and I am completely in agreement with his opinion and I add that the continuation of suppression, ignoring the truth besides the rule of lies, escaping from the law, corruption and lack of competence in domestic and foreign policies will intensify this fire that as he called is beneath the ash.

Ghalam Sabz: You have always stressed that network organizations are the secret of the survival and endurance of the Green Movement and are its valuable resources. After more than one year since the start of the activities of these organizations at this time some argue that this assumption should be reconsidered and a classic organization with a united leadership should be created, what is your opinion?

Mir Hossein Mousavi: The idea behind the social networks was created during the election campaigns and in the aftermath of the election given that the security, media and financial resources were solely in the hands of the government. Maybe the only way to defend people's rights was these very same social organizations. Although the concerns over having an organization which would be suited for people's great movement have always been there, but until now the atmosphere of repression did not allow such an affair to possibly happen. The establishment, despite what has been stated in the constitution and what is the trend in successful countries, has always showed its rage toward any organization, and recently by feeling the danger of losing their base, is rapidly attempting to convert Basij to an extensive armed party; although this very same action, considering the background of Basij, in the long run will be harmful for the tyranny. Just have a look at the prisons. The prominent leaders of well-known [reformist] parties of the country from Participation Front, Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution, National Trust, Executives for Prosperity and Freedom Movement are all imprisoned. However I agree with [the creation] of a new organization with conditions that it would have a coalition front framework and from the very beginning considers itself as a companion of the Green Movement and other grassroots movements such as the labor, women, student and teacher movements and does not go after destroying or weakening the other existing parties and movements.

Ghalam Sabz: In some of the analyses it was pointed that you and the other activists of the movement underestimated the forces in front of the movement and by arrogance and without a realistic assessment of the abilities and resources of the other camp did not agree to talk with them; on the other hand some accuse you of conceding. How do you see these analyses? Have you or other influential figures such as Mr. Karroubi or Mr. Khatami been invited for talks [with the ruling government authorities]?

Mir Hossein Mousavi: In response to this question I quickly point out that after the election it took me two months to realize that those wicked [televised presidential campaign] debates were not for eliminating me or Mr. Karroubi but were for taking full revenge on all competitive forces and aimed for making the country a one-party system. I was only one of these targets and obstacles on their path. These fellows, in that infamous audio tape (by a high ranking military official) and as recently quoted by a cleric, are discussing the topic of a twenty-year old conspiracy. Given the hidden lie in this claim I say that it was the ruling powers that have been planning and trying to make the country a one-party system on the eve of the election and apparently this election was the last scene of these efforts. Considering this view the debates gain another meaning and also the vetting [of the members of parliament] that started from [elections of] the fourth term of the parliament and extended to the following elections can be understood better. The totalitarians were after clearing the environment from any criticism and opposition; [they were after creating] an environment similar to North Korea with a bit of democracy cosmetics. Given all these negotiating with them had no meaning, not with me and not as much as I know with other allies.

Ghalam Sabz: What is your view regarding the publication of WikiLeaks documents? In your opinion what are the outcomes and affects of the publication of these documents for Iran?

Mir Hossein Mousavi: The WikiLeaks documents have revealed important subjects regarding the international affairs. The point that is important and should be considered is that what documents could have been published and have not been published. Some of these documents very well reveal our fragile situation in the area, a situation that they (the government officials) have worsened with their adventurous policies. Instead of travelling to New York for seven times, if they had invested in neighboring countries they would have seen more results. Spreading fear, making uncalculated remarks, lack of a suitable agenda, immense incompetence in diplomacy and excessive military maneuvers have caused that. While with illusions they are trying to convince the Vatican and heads of the United States and Europe about "world management" they neglected having constructive relations with the countries of the area. With these policies we practically don't have even one true ally among the neighboring countries. You just go back to the story of aiding the victims of the flood in Pakistan, and compare that to the generous aids of these fellows to South America and other countries, and you will see that the very same chaos that exists in the economic and cultural policies also exists in the foreign policy. Among the [WikiLeaks] documents, the documents regarding Israel's intensifying the ethnic groups' differences should be a warning for all of our nation including ethnic groups; and I am sure that Israel is not the only country benefiting from this policy but in the world and in the area there are many countries that have the same view and are in the same line with Israel. This document and the recent assassinations of our nuclear scientists show how much our support for Palestinian and Lebanese nations besides its moral aspects, is in favor of our national interests. The documents regarding the election frauds were also interesting, especially where it was pointed that the votes were not counted at all - i.e. the coup d'état election. If you refer to the interview by our dear brother Mohtashamipour (head of Mousavi's committee to guard the votes during election) that was done few days after the election, you will realize that when he pointed out the issue of the website of the election [headquarter] in the Interior Ministry on the night of June 13,2009 (a day after the election) he quickly pointed to the same issue. Although today our information about the story of gathering votes and  the role of the computer system is much more than yesterday but still there is room for more efforts so that all aspects of this matter would be cleared. Of course the discussion about the WikiLeaks documents needs more time but in short one can consider it as a great event of the century and the outcome of progress in commutations and cyber space technology. I think with the experience that the Green social networks have gained they can understand the meaning of this recent event better that the other movements.

Ghalam Sabz: What are your suggestions for the Green Movement activists and especially Ghalam Sabz newspaper?

Mir Hossein Mousavi: I pray to God for the success of all of you and I hope that Ghalam [Sabz] never forgets that the movement will prevail when there are countless pens and we all honor freedom, human dignity and respecting each other's views.

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