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Bistro: A fresh health food cafe in Tehran owned and run by women


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran

At the top of the Mirzaye-Shirizi Avenue before the Motahari intersection is a small café, Bistro, which has been opened by two young ladies Maryam and Pooneh. Maryam has quit her full time job in order to devote her time and energy to what she finds fun, interesting and what she has wanted to do for a long time.

My friend Khavar had first mentioned this cozy quiet and appealing place for healthy eating at the end of last year, so we went one lunchtime to grab a bite to eat. Even though it is small it can easily accommodate about 20-25 people. You can go there for a meal or their lovely choices of different coffee and sit there comfortably, to relax, meet friends, wait for your next appointment, calm down or cool off while checking your mail if you have your laptop or iphone as they have wireless ADSL in the café.

The menu is limited but it is fresh and vegetarians can happily find a few good choices there. You may have pasta and a meat dish and a few sandwiches plus soup and salad. I love their spinach salad with cuts of parmesan and pomegranate seeds and the lovely balsamic dressing. I love sitting there after a nice meal and talking to my friends for a long time sipping my lovely tea and end up having to drag myself from the warmth, pleasant and comfortable feeling that Bistro brings me due to some business, duty or family obligations. So you dear readers please be careful of enjoying it too much too.

I admire Maryam for having the courage and devotion to go after what she wants and being prepared to go through the hard work and long hours in order to achieve a dream and to put this small café on the map of good eateries in town. I have a high respect and admiration for these young ladies as they are the new Iranian women generation who despite the fact that they are very gentle and calm are strong and hard working and do what they want to do, rather than what is "good" for them and decided by others. There are quite a few enterprising women, who will bring a lot of changes along with them to our society, and I try my best to cover them for my readers.

Well done to Maryam khanoum and Pooneh for their hard work and good ambience.

Café Bistro is at: 191 Mirzaye Shirazi Avenue, below Motahari Avenue
Tel. 88346315

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