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Iran starts production of two new missiles

02/06/10 Source: Mehr News Agency, Tehran

Iran has begun production of the Qaem anti-helicopter missile and the Toofan 5 anti-armor missile. The Toofan 5 (Typhoon 5 in English) has two warheads and is one of the most advanced anti-armor missiles, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi said on Saturday at the inauguration ceremony for the missile production lines.

This type of missile is able to penetrate armored vehicles, personnel carriers, and tanks with strong force and destroy them, Vahidi added.

The Qaem missile is a light-weight guided missile that can hit targets flying at low speed and low altitude, particularly armored combat helicopters, he said.

Since the Qaem missiles are controlled by laser, they are not susceptible to electronic warfare or any other disruption caused by the enemy, he noted.

When mass production of these modern weapons is in full swing and they are delivered to the armed forces, the country's defense capability in land and air warfare will improve, Vahidi said.

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