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Exhibition: Ojan Zargarbashi's deep penetrating eyes


By Syma Sayyah, Tehran (

The works of Ojan Zargarbashi at his recent exhibition at Silk Road Gallery in Tehran were some of the most impressive that I have seen for a long time.  Without escaping into abstraction as many do due to a lack of artistic ability, Mr Zargarbashi chooses the hard work of realism with a great and masterful sense of color bringing new people into the life of the viewer who look at you or look at themselves with a deep penetrating eye, sly smile, lost in some world unknown to us.  This makes the show most thrilling and it was truly worth the struggle though Tehran's notoriously ever more horrible traffic even on Fridays to see it.

I told Kiarash the gallery manager that Ojan Zargarbashi is one artist that they should follow and keep on their list, as I think he is one of most promising artists that I have come across for a very long time.

I wish him and his career all the best even though I think he does not need it.  Your place at this show was most empty and I have a few samples to let you know why I feel so strongly about his work and think that Ojan Zargarbashi will go very high in the list of who is who in the art world.  I only wished we had some budget to indulge ourselves and have a sample of work of this most promising artist.


The eyes invite us to silence and observation, to imagine these
faces in an obscure astral space covered with mystery.

The distance between us disappears, as though suddenly and for an
instance a world forgotten - long forgotten - reveals itself to us.
A world in which the dimensions of every entity is clearly understood
We feel the livelihood of every object and that of these reappeared
beings: they want to be seen, not to be forgotten.

Before regretting the disappearance of these dwellers of Pardis,
we will try to revive them cheerfully - these Shahdokhts (nobles) of
Pardis along with the undeniable and essential beauty of their

Silk Road Gallery


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