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New Political Phenomena?!

By Roya Monajem, Tehran

anti-regime protesters walking away from tear gas - Tehran, December 27 - With every coup d'etat one should expect arrests, torture and persecution, power show, violent suppression, intimidation and of course martial law. The coup d'etat was carried out by rigging the result of election six months ago. Ever since then, the whole world has been watching the violent crackdown of demonstrations, arrests, rape and torture, forced confessions, intimidation acted on this land once called Persia and now Iran, and from this afternoon (the New Year's Eve), the martial law is in force. Their Wednesday power show [1], last in the series is really hope-inspiring for several reasons including the insignificant number of people they managed to lure and pull compared to the population. It shows the number of uneducated ignorant people! As a nation we can be proud for their low number.

pro-government rally in Tehran on December 30

In fact, this land can be proud not only for the role it played in human civilization in the past, but also for the novel political formations, from another perspective new 'dramas' it is enacting in our Post-Modern era. Thirty years ago the least blood-less, yet most radical historical socio-political change - called in the corresponding terminology Revolution - occurred here.

One of the famous lessons from the French revolution, later approved by the Russian one was: Revolution eats its own children! This is exactly what has been happening here for the past thirty years, as the whole world has been watching through media what we have been witnessing with flesh and blood, and at present overwhelmed by the apprehension of lest it might eat its last remaining children, who are courageously standing behind the green wave.

Enough is enough!

Give us a break (breath)! You inhuman human History! Change your course as rivers do, and put an end to this ever long winter of humanity and the idea that when devil leaves, angel enters...

Enough is enough of all these devils and angels!

Give us a breath!

Returning back to Here-Now, the only Reality, no matter who is who, where is one, etc,

Let's take the present opportunity, the beginning of a New Year according to the Christian calendar, and wish the Best for all the inhabitant of our common Home Land, our beautiful unique Planet, The Earth!

The least bloody revolution, a post-modern religious rule, a new form of coup d'etat, a new form of martial law are our new contributions to the world history. No matter how beastly they are acting now, we are still fighting with empty hands and keep patient as a pregnant woman going through those excruciating final pains of child-birth does.

May this child birth turn to a tale later told by grandparents as bed-time stories for their beloved grandchildren, but perhaps before that by the world media, with the content... once upon a time it was believed that history gets repeated and revolutions eat their own children, then accidentally from 2010, things began to change...

You Might say I am a dreamer!
But I am not the only one!

Whose song was this? John Lennon's Dreamer; watch this reproduction by süketnéma kórus  if you may please.


Iran How Significant Was the Regime's Rally Enduring America

And while government-run media claimed millions and CNN claimed hundreds of thousands and that Tehran was 'packed' with protesters, independent analyses show that the protest in Tehran was composed of no more than 20,000 people.

see a larger copy of image

Secondly, the reports fail to mention that the protesters were offered free refreshments at the expense of the government to keep them there and to boost their morale. Their banners, slogans, and even the declaration they released denouncing the opposition were written, prepared and handed over to them by the government. Protesters received all their material needs from the government from the minute they boarded the buses to the minute they got back home.

... Payvand News - 01/01/10 ... --

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