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Poem: A New Year Resolution For Iran

By Pirouz Azadi (Bakersfield, California, January 2010)


Why? When? What? Where? Who? Whom? Whose? Which? IRAN

Why is it that absolute power of the monarchs, the hierarchs, or the autocrats,
leads to greedy corruption and ostentatious oppression?

When the inept emperor rationalizes his crimes,
especially masqueraded with godly disguise.

Why is it that progressive religious reformation,
must precede with excruciating inquisition and suffering?

Why is it that a theocratic kakamemy ruler,
with his mafia multilayered nepotistic cronies?

When people remain convoluted to barely survive,
makes the assumption that he is the self righteous?

Why is it that as disillusioning and heart wrenching,
as the blatant violation of human rights are?

When committed with conniving and twisted,
mis-interpretation of the religion that it hurts even more.

Why is it that the people's empowerment,
is obliquely quenched by armored culprits?

When the few in power feel threatened to be soon,
pulled down by the emptied hands and resolved heart?

Why is it that money, stature, captivating spotlight,
and subjugating control remain so crucial?

When the Pharaoh, Sultan, Caliph, Genghis, Alexander,
or Hitler could have left a far better legacy behind?

Why is it that the covenants of humanity and nobility,
and integrity and humility are blatantly violated?

When the contemptuous oppressor exploits
the people's patience and perseverance.

Why is it that a dictator's tumultuous mortal lifespan
with his crown and throne stretched?

When ubiquitous blood is shed, and the innocents killed,
and torture, inquisition, rape, terror and jail imposed.

Why is it that peaceful dialogue, logic, reason,
And tinkering and freedom are still yearned for?

When the grassroots are marginalized and disenfranchised,
And demoralized, ostracized, and chastised.

Why is it that the absolute dictators and their crony cults,
do not fully learn from their predecessors?

When the repressively brutal tyrants came,
and then thrown into the historical rubbish bin in shame.

Why is it that sooner than later diverse people,
would not rise against the oppressor as one unified?

When they are deprived of fundamental human, natural,
civil and constitutional rights and justice.

Why is it that the mightiest human resilience,
of unity and resolve has not yet triumphed?

When bloody forced tyrannical theocracy
is desperately feeble and inextricably annihilable.

Why is it that the dark, cold, and frightening nights,
still linger on against all expectations?

When as the legend has it that they must soon
be overcome with bright, warm & soothing days ahead.

... Payvand News - 01/04/10 ... --

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