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Farhang Foundation Kicks Off the New Year with Meet Farhang


Featuring Four Talented Iranian Photographers and Images from "Inside Iran" by the Award Winning Artist Mark Edward Harris


LOS ANGELES, CA, January 4, 2010- In continuing its mission to promote the study and research of Iranian art, culture and history for the benefit of the community at large, Farhang Foundation kicks of the year, with its first official Meet Farhang event, inviting members of the community to join and learn more about the Foundation and its efforts, in an intimate setting, while meeting the featured artists at this event and their work on display, representing the Iranian culture and art.

The gathering will feature four talented Iranian photographers, Laleh Eskandari, Sussan Farhani, Banafsheh P.Abadi and Nushin Sabet.  The collection of the photographs on display will represent sceneries from various regions of Iran, as captured through these artists' eyes and lenses.

In addition to these four artists, works of the award-winning American photographer and artist, Mark Edward Harris, publisher of the book "Inside Iran", will be featured at this event.

"My photographic work in Iran (and elsewhere) tends to focus on everyday life. The media often portrays to the outside world the extremes of a country's society and therefore gives an unbalanced looked at a dynamic and complex situation." said Mark Edward Harris. "Miscalculations based on misinformation can have catastrophic results especially in today's geopolitical environment."

This first Meet Farhang event will take place at The Beverly Hilton's International Terrace on Saturday, January 9, 2010 from 6 to 9 p.m.  The minimum contribution to attend is $30 per person, which will include refreshments and live music.  All funds raised will go to Farhang Foundation's mission of supporting and promoting Iranian art and culture.

To learn more about this event and details about attending, please visit   Media inquiries are welcome.
About Mark Edward Harris
Mark Edward Harris has traveled and photographed in 80 countries. His awards include a CLIO Award and an Aurora Gold Award for his photographic work and an ACE Award for television directing. His books include "Faces of the Twentieth Century:  Master Photographers and Their Work" which won the prestigious New York Book Show "Photography Book of the Year" and "Best of Show" awards; "The Way of the Japanese Bath," winner of a Premier Print Award; "Wanderlust", which led to him being named "Photographer of the Year" at the 2004 Black + White Spider Awards and the book itself being named the people/photography book of the year at the International Photography Awards and Prix del la Photographie Paris; in 2007 Chronicle Books published "Inside North Korea" and in 2008 "Inside Iran;" in 2009 a revised and expanded version of "The Way of the Japanese Bath" was released.
About Laleh Eskandari
Born in 1975, with a BA in Graphics from Art Faculty in Iran, Laleh studied painting with Master Hossein Maher. From 1993 to date, she has held several personal exhibitions.  She started acting in films and on television TV in 1999; to-date she has appeared in more than 23 films and television series.  She is best known as a teacher, translator and an expert in the Mosaic Arts.
About Sussan Farahani
Born in Tehran, majoring in literature, she started photography early in her teens, in a family passionate about traveling. She studied photojournalism in London, and has lived in Los Angeles since 1986. Passionate about people, nature and architecture, she has been working as a freelance photographer since 1992.
About Banafsheh P.Abadi
Born in Iran, Banafsheh P.Abadi studied Comparative Literature in France while working as a freelance photographer.  Banafsheh's main interest is portraiture and fine art photography, but she has recently become fascinated with landscapes and architectural features. The present series of photographs from the marshes of Anzali on the Caspian Sea were taken during a recent short trip to northern Iran.
About Nushin Sabet
Nushin Sabet is an Iranian-American artist residing in Los Angeles, CA.  Currently, three intertwined themes comprise her interests:
First is the clash of her two cultures, Iran versus America, and the kinetic energy, absurdities, intriguing juxtapositions, and contradictions that occur naturally when looking at either side. Second is the struggle of preserving worthwhile traditions in the onslaught of ever-new possibilities and of modernity.  Finally, as a woman, she is always interested in gender issues, especially when they intersect with the two themes above.  Nushin has her bachelor of Arts from University of California Berkeley, and is currently attending the California Institute of Arts (CalArts).

About Farhang Foundation
Farhang Foundation is a non-religious, non-political and not-for-profit foundation established in 2008 to celebrate the art and culture of Iranian-Americans in its widest extent. The foundation supports academic activities in Southern California by funding university programs, publications and conferences. The foundation also supports cultural programs such as celebration of Nowruz and Mehregan, theater, dance performances, films screenings and poetry reading in Southern California. Farhang Foundation, in cooperation with various cultural and academic institutions plans major programs and exhibitions about Iran and its culture. For more info visit

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