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Opposition Leader Karroubi Delivers Proposal To Resolve Iran's Crisis


Mehdi Karoubi Proposes His Solutions for The Current Crisis In An Open Letter to The Iranian People

Mehdi Karroubi

Mehdi Karoubi in a letter addressed to the people of Iran while condemning the actions and brutality of plain clothes Basij thugs and security and police forces especially on Bloody Ashura, stated his five step resolution for the current crisis.

Karoubi emphasised that the solution to the current crisis is in employing all principles of the constitution and the main condition for that is the independence of the judiciary system and avoiding interfering politics in judiciary affairs.

He added that some think that by shutting down the reformist newspapers and arresting reformist political figures they can diminish reform and the fight against lies and deception would be over but they are wrong.

He stressed that the threats and bullying not only won't make him weak to continue the path he has chosen, but will make him even more determine and based on the belief that he has on his path, he has made himself and his family ready for any disaster.

While expressing support for Mir Hossein Mousavi, Karoubi stated his five-step solution for the current crisis:

  1. Oppressors, those who committed crimes in the aftermath of the election and made people's lives difficult, should confess to their crimes and ask for forgiveness.
  2. The diversion from revolution path should be reformed. The revolution has been diverted and this diversion can only be reformed by acknowledging the freedoms and rights stated in the constitution.
  3. Avoiding violence. The main belief of the Green movement is in reform, civil and peaceful fight for taking back the derailed train of the revolution to its right path. Therefore avoiding violence has been and will be a main principle in the fight for reform and people's rights.
  4. Investigation and finding the cause of the recent events. The security and judiciary forces instead of holding show trials, taking forced confessions and making widespread arrests should try to find out the reasons behind the current events. Isn't it that if there had been some violence from some protestors [on Bloody Ashura] it is the consequence of all the repression and violence that they have been suffering so far?
  5. Mehdi Karoubi announces his readiness to hold a debate with any representative of the government so that it would be clear who diverted the revolution from its path and who are responsible for all the oppressions people have been suffering and the true judges are the people.

Read the Persian text on Mir Hossein Mousavi's facebook

Protesters are attacked by security forces in Tehran on December 27

The opposition supporters have ignored repeated orders and threats by authorities to stop protesting. They have continued to hold rallies despite government's refusal to issue them permits. At least 8 people were killed by security forces during the Ashoura protests in Tehran on December 27 when the security forces opened fire on the protesters and in some cases ran over them with police cars.

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