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Iran: Arrest of 19 Activists from the Women's Movement, Women Journalists and Civil Activists

Source: Feminist School, Tehran

During the past few days after the incidents of Ashura, large number of activists such as Mansoureh Shojaee, Zohreh Tanekaboni, Badarolssadat Mofid, Mahin Fahimi, Leyla Tavassoli, Noushin Ebadi, Nasrin Vaziri, Nilofar Hashemi Azar, Atiyeh Yousefi (was released), Bahareh Hedayat, Nafiseh Asghari, Maryam Ziya, Mahsa Hekmat, Parisa Kakayi, Forough Mirzayie, Sara Tavsoli, Parvaneh Rad, Zoya Hassani, Negin Derakhshan and many others have been arrested.

Women activists who were arrested before the Ashura are Shiva Nazarahari, Azar Mansouri, Somayeh Rashidi, Zahra Jabari, Kobra Zaghe Doust, Atefeh Nabavi, Shabnam Madadzadeh, Mahdiyeh Golrou are still in prison.

Mansoureh Shojaee women rights activist arrested

Mansoureh Shojaee a scholar, translator and one of the founder members of campaign for one million signatures was arrested at midnight of December 28th 2009 from her home. Nasrin Sotoudeh who represents Mansoureh Shojaee states: "The security forces entered Mansourh Shojaee's home at 11 o'clock and whilst she was not there, they searched the house and waited till 3 in the morning, when she arrived home and then she was arrested and they did not say where they were taking her" Mansoureh Shojaee has not been allowed to leave the country for the last 3 years.


Arrest of Badrosadat Mofid: Long serving journalist

Badrosaddat Mofidi ,the secratery of Journalism society , were arrested with her husband Masoud Aghayi on December 29th 2009 in their home.



Nilofar hashemi Azar: Architect at Tehran University arrested on the day of Ashoura

Nilofar Hashemi Azar with her mother Shaharzad Nasiri arrested from the Jamalzadeh Street. Even though Shaharzad Nasiri was allowed bail but Nilofar is still in detention. The day of the Ashoura saw heavy casualties and 8 dead as a result of street fighting between the people and security forces.

Nasrin Vaziri arrested

Nasrin's family visits to the court to find out on the whereabouts have been unsuccessful as Nasrin's name is not in any of the list of detainees issued by the court. They have been told as the arrest has not been issued by the court that would mean that Nasrin has been arrested by unknown security forces.



Mahin Fahimi member of the Mother for Peace was arrested

According to reports, they security forces entered Mahin Fahimi's home and arrested her and son and Ardavan Tarakameh. Mahin's daughter elaborates "the security forces entered my mothers home at 11 o'clock in the evning and as her guests complained and asked for the warrant and one member of the security forces Mr Salehi stated that Mahin has been under investigation before and started writing her warrant, the security forces remain in my mother's home till 4 am and arrest all the guests. The next morning my brother went to find out the whereabouts of mother and guests but unfortunately he was arrested too.''

Arrest of Zahra Tonakaboni member of mother's for peace

Zahrah's family after making enquiries are aware of her imprisonment and whereabouts. Mother's for Peace are a group of mothers that have been campaigning in the frame work of the law for many years. Statement issued by Mother's for peace" Zahra Tonkaboni lost her husband when she was young and has been a serving member of the education ministry and is also suffering from dualities as well the loss of her sister and her child.''


Leyla Tavasoli arrested

Daughter of Mahmood Tavasoli and niece of Ebrahim Yazdi, one of the longest service members of Nehzate Azadi, has been arrested. Leyla is 27 years old and has no record of political activism and no record of membership in any political organization.

Noushin Ebadi: sister of Shirin Ebadi

Noushin Ebadi a lecturer at Open University was arrested from her home and transferred to prison. Shirin Ebadi stated that her sister Dr Noushin Ebadi has been arrested and she has no news of her, also that she has no record of political activism or member of any organization.


Atiyeh Yousefi arrested in Rasht and then released on January 12th

Atiyeh a member of campaign for one million signatures and an activist of progressive (religio - nationalist forces) Atiyeh Yousefi and Mazyar Shokoori from Nehzate Azadi were arrested and transferred to the central prison of Rasht.

- She was released on bail in the amount of $20'000 on January 12th.


Nafiseh Asghari arrested

Nafise a student in chemistry at Sharif University was to report to the interior ministry and since then there is no news of her or her whereabouts.

Bahare Hedayat

Member of the student participation central council has been arrested. Amin Ahmadeyan, Bahare's husband has stated that:'' the security forces entered our house with an arrest warrant and took my wife and her personal belongings such as books and her computer.'' Bahareh is imprisoned with 2 other students Mehdi Arabshahi, Millad Asadi.

Maryam Ziya women and child protection activist

Maryam Zia was arrested from her home. When the security forces entered her home, she was not in so they made her children to contact her and ask her to come home and when she did she was arrested. No news from her or her whereabouts.

Parisa Kakayi arrested

Parisa Kakaee, member of the Committee for Human Rights Reporters, was arrested on January 1, after responding to a telephone summons and appearing at the office of the Intelligence Ministry. Currently seven members of the Committee are being detained in Ward 209 of Evin prison, and other members have been threatened and summoned.


Mahsa Hekmat arrested

Mahsa Hekmat, journalist in Etemad Newspapar was arrested after Ashura

Forough and Rouzbeh Karimi were arrested

Forough and Roozbeh Karimi a husband and wife arrested, both are members of human right activist and Forough Mirzayi is also a solicitor.


Sara Tavasoli arrested

Sarah is Leylas sister who is also arrested. Sara is the daughter of Mohamad Tavosoli member of Nehzate Azadi, 2 other members Amir Khoram and Mohsen Mohagheghi are arrested too.

Parvane Rad

Another detainee from the Ashoura Day, Parvane was allowed to call her family from prison after 7 days.

Zoya Hasani

Member of the reformist participation front was arrested from her home.

Negin Derakhshan

Negin Derakhshan a journalist Arrested: during the government organised demonstration, by Basijis from her office.

14 members of the bereaved mothers have been arrested and transferred to Evin prison after some days they were all released .

Translated by: Sahar Mofakham

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