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Jafari's View on the "Fateful Month": IRGC Is a Security-Political Institution

By Nazanin Kamdar, Rooz Online

With only a week left for ayatollah Khomeini's memorial gathering to celebrate last year's presidential elections, for which forces close to the government have planned to transfer two million para-military Basiji members to Tehran, speaking to a group of Islamic Passdaran Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) commanders, Mohammad Ali (Aziz) Jafari outlined plans to suppress public protests and referred to the month of June as the month that will "determine the faith of the revolution." He also claimed that the IRGC, in addition to being a military organization, is a security-political institution.

IRGC Chief Mohammad Ali Jafari

According to Javanonline, Aziz Jafari said, "The month of June belongs to the Imam. In June of 1962, the spark for the revolution went off. June is the month that will determine the fate of the revolution. Special events have happened in this month. The Imam always had a especial fondness for this month."

According to domestic news sources, this week's Friday prayers will be led by ayatollah Khamenei, with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also set to speak at the event.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei with IRGC and military commanders

The IRGC has taken over ayatollah Khomeini's memorial processions this year while, until last year, an organization led by Khomeini's son, seyyed Hassan Khomeini, was in charge of the event.

According to semi-official Fars news agency, the IRGC commander also spoke about the "necessity of IRGC's involvement in politics," which directly contradict ayatollah Khomeini's written and documented ban on the military's involvement in political affairs.

Jafari said, "We must not underestimate political threats against the revolution and the holy Islamic Republic regime. The IRGC should not defend the revolution simply with weapons. In addition to being a military organization, the IRGC is a security-political institution. If was founded on the philosophy of defending the revolution and its achievements and it must be prepared to meet today's challenges."

Basij attacking protesters in Tehran on December 27, 2009
Basij which is under the control of IRGC played a major role in suppressing post-election protests

Meanwhile, according to Parleman News website, the Assembly of Combatant Clergy [ Majma Rohaniyoon Mobarez] issued a statement criticizing the handling of this year's memorial procession. The statement reads, "This year's June arrives while the wave of insults and threats, particularly from certain media outlets, has restricted the atmosphere. What is most unfortunate is that actions of this sort damage the essence of the regime. A secretive movement, relying on its plentiful funds and resources, is attempting to misinterpret the Imam and the revolution to its advantage, and even portray a deviant view of the Islam that was introduced and championed by the Imam."

The statement adds, "We expect that the situation changes as soon as possible, that the freedoms enshrined in the Constitution be respected, that religious and legal norms and due process of the law be complied with; that institutions charged with specific tasks be prevented from interference in other matters, such as politics, economics and culture; and that policies that endanger our economic well-being and national interests, particularly on the international stage, be reversed."

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