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Greta Berlin: Marbles, Paint Balls and Nukes

By Greta Berlin (Source: My Catbird Seat)

The Israeli military (IDF), has been busy spinning the story of their attack on a civilian convoy trying to deliver aid to the besieged people of Gaza. They've had a head start, sending out edited videos, posting 'supposed' military footage of the passengers attacking them, saying that they confiscated 'weapons' which apparently turned out to be marbles, sling shots, kitchen knives and aluminum chairs.

IDF video

But they can't spin for much longer. Video footage from dozens of people is beginning to surface about what really happened. Al Jazeera has posted their coverage as gun shots sound in the background, speakers beg the passengers to go below and a white flag is set out for the paramilitary groups.

This recording cast from an Al Jazeera crew in Arabic and English:

IDF Boarding the
"Marmara" Flotilla

More will be revealed as passengers are released. We already know that Israel shot the captain of the Marmara and the European Campaign boat, maybe hoping that we would no longer be able to hire captains. Several activists have spoken to their respective Consulates and informed of being kicked, beaten, dragged along the ground, tear gassed and bags thrown over their heads.

Knowing that video of this vicious attack in international waters was going to surface, Captain Aria Shaliker of the Israel Defense Forces, who was part of the operation on Monday, said the commandos began the raids armed with paint ball guns. "I was, myself, on one of the boats, the Israeli boats, approaching the flotilla," he told the BBC's World Today program. "It is true that the Israeli commander unit... came on board with paint ball weapons... in order to disperse people.

No mention of paint-stained clothing.

As Israel's hysteria mounts, "they now claim self defense" in attacking ships in international waters today, killing 9 - 16 humanitarian activists onboard (we donot have confirmed numbers yet) .  Israel informed the US and Britain that the convoy was ferrying stolen nuclear weapons that would be used for a terrorist attack on Israel.  The "stolen nukes" have been in Israel for 18 years while the US has spent billions of dollars and thousands of lives looking for them. Today 9-16 more died"

The world is watching a country imploding, having a massive nervous breakdown in full view. It's tragic that thousands of Palestinians have died and 9-16  human rights workers lost their lives yesterday.

Greta Berlin, co-founder of Free Gaza Movement, is an American activist for Palestinian rights. She walks the talk in more ways than one. She is deeply involved in organization on the streets and in public forums; fund-raising, demonstrating, lobbying, etc. She has been to Palestine a number of times with delegations, protests, demonstrators, and those 'valiant' who stand in front of bulldozers and dare them!

Greta and a small group of human rights watchers were the first to  put together a small "flotilla" of boats, crewed by well-known names, who would land on the shores of Gaza, demonstrating the sovereignty of Gaza in defiance of the Israeli blockade. Their program as you can see has grown by leaps and bounds. For more about Free Gaza Movement visit:

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