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Iranian Superstar Hedyeh Tehrani Shuns Film Premiere


Source: Mehr News Agency, Tehran; photos by Abolfazl Salmanzadeh

Iranian superstar Hedyeh Tehrani was notably absent from Tehran's Eyvan-e Shams Theater for the premiere of her film "Seven Minutes to Autumn" on Friday evening.

Iranian film critic Nima Hassaninasab, who was the host at the premiere event, frequently mentioned her absence and complained about it.

"Unfortunately, Ms. Tehrani has chosen not to attend this ceremony despite her promise, and I apologize for her absence!" he told the audience.

Director Alireza Amini, producer Jamal Sadatian, cast members Hamed Behdad and Mohsen Tanbandeh, and several members of film crew attended the event.

"She is thoughtful and has her own way of thinking. Something has annoyed her, causing her to shun cinema," Sadatian said about Tehrani.

In December 2009, Tehrani, who is also a photographer, showcased a number of her photos at the Iranian Artists Forum in Tehran.

Actress Hedyeh Tehrani Holds Photo Exhibition

A number of Iranian photographers accused her of exploiting her celebrity status to promote her photography.

Afterwards, she said she would never again hold an exhibition in Iran.

Film premiere in Iran

Iran's first premiere ceremony, entitled Red Carpet Ceremony, was held for Masud Kimiaii's "Trial on the Street" in November 2009.

The following premieres were dedicated to "Aal" and "Democracy in the Daylight".

Iran's conservative newspapers and media have criticized these ceremonies for their Hollywood-like style and format.

Black limousines transfer the cast and other members of film crew to the premiere event. A red carpet is rolled out at the entrance of the venue. When the cast and film crew arrive, they are escorted by bodyguards wearing black suits and ties, the latter of which is forbidden in Iran.

In addition, the actresses appear at these ceremonies wearing heavy makeup. Due to this fact, no closeups of the actresses have been published to date by any official Iranian news agencies or media.


After the publication of this news, Hedyeh Tehrani denied having made any promises to attend the premiere of her film.  "I had not promised any individual that I would attend the ceremony. People know better that I usually do not take part in these types of programs; getting out of a black limousine, walking on a red carpet and so on. I believe such ceremonies are not acceptable considering the current atmosphere in our society," she said.

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