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A New kind of Hope

By Roya Monajem, Tehran



As some 'ordinary' social educated beings living in some corner of this world on the bosom of our common Mother- Earth, depending on our financial state as well as the scope and intensity of our preoccupation with and involvement in the affairs of the world, we all have some personal, some national, some global worries and concerns; and nowadays with all that is heard about the great event that is supposed to happen in 2012, when our sun apparently aligns with the axis of our galaxy Milky Way, we might have some cosmic concerns too?



From this cosmic point of view it very well seems we have no voice in our destiny, but together with our common mother-earth and our solar system, we are just some playthings in the hands of hopefully some truly more intelligent determining orders. Nevertheless, at this very time-space we do seem actually to exist as an individual biped with some kind of still quite questionable personal will, planning and deciding for our short and long term future plans, more or less in the same way that our rulers are doing for our countries and their individual term and turn of ruler-ship...


"Mother do you think, they'll drop the bomb..."


And when the panic of 'what if they do drop...' begins to become suffocating and paralyzing, with the heavy weight of death hovering over the head, we may fall either a victim of some kind of paranoia and dark thoughts, or automatically or semi-consciously, act as we have been taught and educated throughout the written history of mankind, and turn to our Father in Heavens, demanding, asking, beseeching to help us save the Earth... or else appeal to the only "free choice" we might have and that is to try to remember those we love dearly and in this way connect ourselves with Love, and look for Good News (rarely found these years in our specific geographical Time-space), to push away all that darkness and despair that might be awaiting us and our common Mother-Earth, if "they drop the bomb", and awaiting our Sun (called Mehr-Love in Persian) in the center of our Solar System in this remote corner of the Milky Way Galaxy, if that cosmic event happens to be catastrophic.



By the way is there any project less unfinished than Love on this Earth? Do we have any other proven savior, redeemer except that? Isn't sun (mehr-love) the sole reason for the life on this earth? Or that is not? If Adam and Eve are just a fable and we are evolved in a Darwinian way, where does that Wisdom that no monkey seems to understand come from? If the answer is, it comes from our more developed brain (to be more exact from our highly developed frontal lobes), then it seems this frontal lobe tell us that the only savior is indeed nothing and nobody except that blissful ecstatic kind of energy experienced by all bipeds as Mehr-Love without any further discrimination.


How this "free choice" of trying to connect with Mehr-Love is possible under the present circumstances anywhere on the Earth - to a larger and smaller degree - without a new kind of hope, again, considering the over-all circumstances from what is happening in the world of politics to an imminent cosmic happening which may end up being that doomsday promised by all great prophets? If this is going to be that promised doomsday, then we all have only two years left.


Are we each considering this for our next five years plan, personally, nationally, globally, individually?



If we humans - said to be the acme of creation- like to continue living on the bosom of our universal loving compassionate Mother-earth, as long as we are going to live under the present global cosmic conditions, do we have any other choice other than to develop this new kind of hope in our individual self that we are not Alone in Loving our Mother Earth, our homeland, our home, our life?


May love help us to reveal to ourselves, This Last Enigmatic Message, remaining in Pandora's jar of gifts for Adam and Eve on Earth from all the divinities internationally told to be residing behind the curtain of the skies above of Our Mother Earth!


Happy New cycle of life on our gorgeous lively Earth, marked with the beginning of spring, this allegedly green season!

... Payvand News - 03/19/10 ... --

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