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A Burial Without The Body!

Source: Mir Hossein Mousavi's facebook

Statement by Ayatollah Montazeri's Office regarding Departure of Lady Rabbani, wife of late Grand Ayatollah Montazeri the spiritual leader of the Green Movement

Today thousands of mourners gathered in the holy city of Qom for the funeral of Lady Rabbani, the wife of late Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, the spiritual father of the Green movement who passed away less than 100 days ago, in a heavy security environment created by the coup government for its fear of another show of power and unity by the Green movement. Despite the previous declaration of the coup government's security officials that the mourners will be permitted to escort the body for the burial, as is the tradition in Islam, the security forces took the body and didn't let the family of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri and the grieving public carry an appropriate funeral ceremony and thus people had to hold the funeral ceremony without the body. The coup government also illegally arrested some of the mourners while leaving the cemetery. In condemnation of this despicable act of the coup government, Ahmad Montazeri, the eldest son of late Grand Ayatollah Montazeri and late Lady Rabbani, issued a statement and demanded that those arrested be released immediately. The full statement by Ahmad Montazeri is as follows:

In the name of God

A lady passed a way today; a lady who was known to the world through her husband, and through her son. Hajieh Khanoum [The respectable Ms.] Rabbani, spouse of Grand Ayatollah Montazeri, was someone who had fought [in the resistance against the Shah] in anonymously and without any expectations. She had waited at the doors of Shah's prisons all for only few minutes of conversation with her son or husband. She had been a loyal companion, and friend of his husband in his exile. Most important of all, she had been the source of support and spirit to families involved in the resistance; [families with members detained or martyred.] But unfortunately, a victory for the Islamic Revolution did not put an end to her pains and misfortunes.

Now, less than 100 days after her honorable husband passed away, she passed away too. Normally, institutions and organizations would have sent messages of condolence, and the institution for Martyrs of the Islamic Revolution would have organized a memorial ceremony. Normally, students of her husband who are now among the leaders of this establishment would have visited the descendants to show their sympathy. But [rest assured] her descendants [including myself] never expected anything. Her descendants have experienced a life of ungratefulness, and they have seen how certain groups instead of helping to solve a problem, only make it worse. Descendants in the family only wanted to organize a normal funeral ceremony just like any other normal citizen would. Despite of this, [we were surprised to find out that] officials are even afraid of a normal ceremony. They sent a representative from Intelligence Office of city of Qom to convey to the family that they are forbidden to organize usual procedures of funeral ceremony for our respectable lady.

I response to the representative, I voiced my strong disagreement and told him that it would be better if you don't create a problem for yourself, for us and for the establishment. As some of our friends continued negotiations with the officials, at dawn the official of the intelligence agency from Qom visited our office. Seeming to withdrawing a bit from his original position, he said that we can organize our gathering in the St. Masoumeh's memorials mosque, and continue our rituals 150 meters away from the mosque close to the burial site.

On Sunday and in tight security control, we took our departed to the mosque. After the prayers, led by Grand Ayatollah Shobeiri Zanjani, security officials transported the body of our departed to the burial site, and later people in the ceremony walked an empty casket while chanting: "God is great, and there is no god other than God", and other slogans that criticized the grave injustice. Talking about new forms of oppression and injustice, we performed funeral rituals without the body of our departed.

When walking back from the burial site, despite the fact that people followed on my comments to organize a peaceful and calm ceremony, the security officials apprehended about 30 of ladies and gentlemen from the attendees. I condemn these detainments, and believe they are not part of a democratic establishment. I hope that these people would be freed as soon as possible and that adequate aptitude and thought be put to decisions and actions that follow this event.

Ahmad Montazeri
28 March, 2010

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