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Photos: Iran's Opposition Leader Khatami Visits The House Of Artists


Source: Parleman News

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, former president, visited Iran's House of Artists last night. He visited a few art exhibitions, some newly built auditoriums and theater halls.

During this visit, Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, who was warmly welcomed by the artists and people present, praised the efforts of the artists and by referring to the achievements of the House of Artists thanked its CEO for his hard work.

Khatami: Rightful protests are not conspiracy, they are people's right

Khatami in a meeting with a group of former members of the parliament this week said: "We have always wanted and still want a proud and progressive Iran which also follows the moral, Islamic and humanitarian rulings and the spirit of reformism that we have talked about is the same thing. Overseeing is different that mandating, the mechanisms that restricts those who elect and the nominee is not overseeing; The fact that some are not desired based on specific views and get eliminated with non-valid excuses is not overseeing. We are repeating again that the most important steps are the release of prisoners, avoiding unjustifiable conflicts, easing of the [political] atmosphere based on the constitution, freedom of political and social activities, providing freedom of speech and thought, moving toward joyful and healthy elections and valuing criticisms and on top of everything defending the dignity, respect, freedom and fundamental rights of the society and people. (full text - in Persian)

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