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Police to clamp down on norm violation: Iran's Interior Minister


Source: Mehr News Agency, Tehran

Interior Minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar has said police will deal firmly with those who violate socially accepted norms, including disregard for the Islamic dress code.

Morality police question a woman in Tehran (December 2007)

"As the president has ordered and the people have demanded, police will take firm action against those who break the norms and those organized networks (which seek to undermine the Islamic rules)," Najjar said on Monday on the sidelines of a meeting with provincial governors.

The current administration is determined to resolve the cultural and social ills and has allocated 1.5 billion dollars for cultural plans, he added.

A group of people rallied in Tehran on Friday demanding observance of hijab

The police have announced that it is going to enforce a culturally and religiously-accepted social behavior just ahead of the summer.

The plan is aimed at assuring that the Islamic dress code and the accepted standards of social behavior based on the Islamic teachings are observed in the society.

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