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Iran: Reformist Politician Mohsen Armin Arrested


Source: Parleman News

Mohsen Armin

Mohsen Armin, the senior member and spokesman of (the reformist) Mojahedin of Islamic Revolution, was arrested this morning.

According to Parleman News Armin's daughter regarding the arrest of his father said: "This morning my father returned home with a group of agents a few minutes after he had left. The agents who had a search warrant as well as an arrest warrant, which apparently had been issued by the prosecutor's office, stayed in our house. A few minutes later other agents came to search the home; then they took my father with them."

She added: "They confiscated his laptop, some documents and identification cards."

Previously the agents attempted to arrest Mohsen Armin twice, once after the election and once after the bloody Ashura (December 2009) events, but he was not home at those times.

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