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Iran: Election Anniversary Cannot Come to the University

By Arash Bahmani, Rooz Online

IRGC Commander Jafari's Car 'Greened' with Paint

Several student sources have informed this publication that student activists are put under increasing pressure and threats by university disciplinary committees and are asked not to go to the university on Khordad 22 (June 12), the anniversary of the 2009 contested presidential election. But students are continuing their protests in universities across Iran. Yesterday, students at the Mechanical Engineering Campus of Khajeh Nasir University poured green paint on the vehicle carrying commander Aziz Jafari, the Islamic Pasdaran Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) chief.

Photo: Protests in Tehran's Honar University, December 2009
Iranian universities have been the scene of many protests since June 2009 elections

One student activist told Rooz, "In recent days, campus security agents have summoned several students who were previously less active in student activities, but who were arrested after the 2009 presidential election, to university disciplinary committees. They have been threatened that if they participate in protests on days such as May 23 (2 Khordad), June 12 (22 Khordad) or June 15 (25 Khordad), they would be kicked out of the university for acting against national security and barred from higher education forever. These are the days on which either protests or disputed elections took place last year." These students were also threatened not to talk to the media about the warning.

Another student activist told Rooz, "Campus security agents have announced to some students that they are not allowed to come to the university on days such as May 23 and June 12.  When the students objected that they may have classes or exams on those days, they were assured that the relevant professors would be informed of the matter."

Student activists in Hamedan, Arak, Isfahan, Shiraz, Kermanshah, Rasht, Zahedan, Sanandaj and Tabriz confirmed these reports.

Basij militia attacking Tehran University in June 2009
in response to protests by students

New Trial for Payman Aref

Expelled Tehran University student Payman Aref has been summoned to Branch 54 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran to respond to his charges. He was arrested last June while completing his mandatory military conscription service in Rasht and released about a month later.

Aref was charged with propaganda against the regime and insulting the president.

Students Begin Political Hunger Strike at Azad University

Azad University students plan to hold a political hunger strike for the release of all political prisoners on the hundredth day of Ali Malihi's incarceration.

In a statement, Azad University students condemned the continued arrest of the university's students.

Protests Against Commander Jafari at Khajeh Nasir University

Meanwhile, mechanical engineering students at the Khajeh Nasir University yesterday protested against IRGC chief commander Aziz Jafari's appearance at the university by handing out flyers and pouring green paint on his vehicle.

The Khajeh Nasir University students protested against the IRGC chief's appearance amid heavy presence of security agents, including armed Guards officers, and at least four campus security cameramen.  

Allameh University; Gender Separation

In a separate story, reports point to a new plan at the Allameh Tabatabei University to improve women's covering in universities.  The reports indicate that one Allameh University department is considering a plan to separate entrances for men and women.

In addition, reports published previously indicated that student laptops were being checked prior to entering the university.

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