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Iran's Khatami: Khordad is the month of people

Source: Mohammad Khatami's website (translation: Mousavi's facebook)

Mohammad Khatami

Seyyed Mohammad Khatami, former president, on the eve of Khordaad 2nd (May 23, the anniversary of the day Khatami was elected president for the first time in a land slide victory) hosted a group of faculty members of different universities.

Khatami in this meeting while reinstating the importance of the month of Khordaad (3rd month of Persian calendar) because of all the important events that happened in this month said: "The month of Khordaad has been very significant in the recent history of our beloved Iran and if we want to give a short description for this month we should call it the reflection of the faith, determination, dedication, fight with oppression and tyranny and justice seeking of the people of Iran."

Former president by pointing out to the events of the tenth presidential election added: "The lively presence of the people in the tenth presidential election on Khordaad 22nd (June 12th), which unfortunately was followed with bitter events, was significant; and has been the sign of life and joy of the people who insist on their rights and I wish these people would have been appreciated."

Khatami continued: "Finally [the great demonstration on] Khordaad 25th (June 15th) was one of the climaxes of the civil presence of the people and demanding their rights and protests peacefully and without any violence [from the people] and it would have been great if the nature of this civilized presence was honored."

He added: "It would have been great if the protests of the people, even if it was not valid in the eyes of the authorities, was dealt with respect and with the help of the same people, the problem would have been solved in a justified way while considering people's views; or in some reasonable way people would have been convinced; which unfortunately not only the responsive people were called "Dirt and Dust" but the peaceful and civilized behavior of the people was answered with violence, the prisons were filled and pressure was increased and there have been many unrecoverable human, financial and psychological damages and there have been no attempts to compensate for them; and tragedies happened in some prisons which ended in martyrdom and injury of some of our dear youth and people."

Khatami added: "Yes, Khordaad is the month of the people and whatever happened in all these days was the emergence of the will of a nation that with all of its existence demanded the establishment of a democratic system based on religious teachings and its historic demands."

He added: "Now we passed all those days but the future is ahead of us and we should not let those important events become just a vague memory in our minds but rather we should use them as a backbone to move forward and to guard the values of the revolution and use them to fulfill the historic demands of the nation; and all of us have the responsibility to keep these memories alive in a civilized way, according to the law and without any violence."

Khatami emphasized: "We can and should look to the future and learn from the past; the bitter events especially what have happened in the past year should not make us lose hope and also the sweetness of the memories should not cause us neglect the long path that we have ahead of us."

He also said: "The right way is for everyone to avoid violence, especially the government, since it contradicts the principles of democracy, values of the revolution and historic demands and identity of the nation. The right path is to insist on the full implementation of the constitution as a comprehensive document of national unity which ensures that beside every right and power someone would be held responsible ..."

Khatami while stressing that: "I am saying it again that in order for us to achieve our long-term goals we should be together and the dignity of every Iranian should be honored." Said: " We should avoid the methods that the violence-seekers and the enemies of the people used and are still using which has no outcome but increasing the distances and hard feelings among the people and the continuation of these methods will result in damaging the whole establishment."

The former president at the end of his remarks gave three resolutions to solve the problems of the recent year.

He said that the first resolution is the freedom of all political prisoners and added: "Unfortunately today we are witnessing the increasing pressure, new arrests and also actions of some fearless and irresponsible groups, which has the support of some authorities, that even those who are not physically in prison are feeling unsafe and under pressure."

Khatami added: "The second resolution is to create a safe and free environment according to the principles of the constitution that embodies the freedoms of associations, assembly and press, and turns the military and police environment to a lawful and politically healthy and active environment."

Khatami regarding the third resolution said: "Holding free, healthy and joyful elections which the spirit of our revolution demands and the people also want."

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