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America Held Hostage: Year 62 - The Deconstruction Phase, Part I

By Sina Alavi

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty." -Thomas Jefferson

In the first paper, "America Held Hostage: Year 62", we saw the path that took over four decades for Israel to get to the final phase of a long process to put America in the bondage. All the previous phases set the stage for the final and the most critical phase of the process- The Deconstruction Phase. The most painful phase started with Bill Clinton's Presidency in 1993 and will last a long time and will bring the demise of the republic if it is not stopped. It is very clear for the Zionist to fight on every front and to keep what they have going at all times at any cost. With the total takeover of the key industries and the Government they will make sure no one group and individual can dislodge them from their power positions.


The deconstruction of America started in earnest in two fronts- Industries and the Government, with primary and secondary targets within these fronts. Having already gained control over Academia and Financial sectors, it was time to move on with these other venues.

The primary targets within the industries that form a controlling ring around the American people are the Media and the Entertainment/Sports- with media being the more important one. The fact media provides a way to form public opinion and it is a tool for public relation makes it the number one industry for takeover. It also serves as a watchdog to prevent any disparaging remarks against Zionist. With the help of FCC, the path had been paved for the Zionist to take over the media. It's worth noting that from Clinton to Obama, the FCC Chairman has been a Jewish Zionist. Currently, The FCC is chaired by Julius Genachowski, son of a Holocaust survivor. They have managed to take over most media outlets from private to public. I had written on the chokehold that they have on American people in a paper that was published in Payvand while ago- "Intellectual Blockade of America and Rest of 'Civilized' Western World."

It was no secret that Zionist were aiming for control of media from the very beginning. Israel Bere Josafat, also known as Paul Reuter, who founded Reuter News Agency along with three other Zionists Charles-Louis Havas who founded Agence France-Presse (AFP), French news agency, Moses Yale Beach who founded Associated Press, and Bernhard Wolff who founded Vossische Zeitung created a monopoly in providing news to the world from the very beginning of the News publishing history over 140 years ago. Of course this trend continued when it came to the cinema and Television. The story of how Warner Brothers stole the cinema from Edison is one revealing story of how Zionist operate in predatory manner. From the inception of the TV networks, every major network was controlled by Zionist. This has continued to today's reality of Pay TV's and Videos.


Radio hosts from the left to the right are all Zionist- Jews or Gentile- there may be a few exceptions in the south with some independence streak but their audience is very limited and they are branded racist. A few decades ago, it was possible to start a radio station and voice your opinion. Systematically, this was taken away from average American, thanks to FCC. It has become very expensive to consider a venture like this anymore. The cost of starting any venture in America has risen, in the name of Globalization. It has become a technique of Zionist to make sure no entity with limited capital could undermine the Zionists. Even the public media such as NPR and PBS have become a mouth piece for Zionists. A visit to their main office reveals the fact that all the staff are Zionist Jews. In America, we have people from all walks of life with different ethnic backgrounds, but the demographic of the NPR or PBS staff definitely do not reflect this fact, even though it is a Government supported organization. Just imagine the situation in the private companies. The recent event in NPR has exposed the puppeteering nature of this Organization- Juan Williams, one of the few Black Journalist in NPR was fired from his position by her boss, Ms. Weiss, who was in turn, was ordered by her boss Ms. Schiller to terminate Juan Williams. As it is revealed, Ms. Schiller followed the orders from the Jew Supremacist George Soros who contributed Millions of Dollars to NPR. It is amazing that how they can have these Un-American behaviors in clear daylight and no one can say nothing about it. If anyone NPR should fire is the Zionist Nina Totenberg or Cokie Roberts.

By eliminating laws that prevented creation of media conglomerate, despicable people like the filthy mouth crook Sam Zell could own Tribune Company which includes Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, and many TV stations. Other ones like Barry Diller and Sumner Redstone are other examples of these people.

In the mid 80's when Ted Turner tried to buy CBS, the Zionists had to scram to make sure the dumb southerner will not control a major network, so they asked one of their own to step in and stop the sales of CBS to Ted Turner. This individual was no one but Laurence Tisch- whose background was filled with all kinds of questionable dealings and had no clue how to run a major network. That did not matter and it did not matter that he almost destroyed the News department of CBS; the main goal was to keep the white man out of this industry. The naivety of Ted Turner showed itself once again in dealing with another pro-Israeli Jew, Jerry Levin who stole CNN along with other Ted Turner's News Network and turned CNN into JNN, Jews News Network, with a line-up of pro-Isralei cast from three o'clock in the afternoon to the midnight. The only white man, Lou Dobb, in the line-up was kicked out and was replaced with a Practicing Jew Convert, John King, whose show is followed by Campbell Brown, another practicing Jew Convert, who is married to a neo-con, Daniel Senor, who was the Chief Spokesperson to Jerry Bremer, Administrator of Iraq after the invasion. This lineup creates a mega propaganda Machine with no match. The recent announcement of the Zionist Klein resigning and being replaced with an Orthodox Jew Scot Safon, you can be assured this trend will only get worst. As one of his first action, he kicked out Rick Sanchez, a Hispanic American, for making "Anti-Semitic" comments.

If you ever wonder what Helen Thomas, Rick Sanchez, and Juan Williams have in common- it is the fact they are being honest in what they say and in the world of "Political Correctness", another Zionists invention and ploy, that is not tolerated. The brand of "Political Correctness" has been created to control people's thought and behavior. Any defiance to this brand will be dealt very seriously, especially if it comes from what it appears to be their own constituents like women, Hispanic Americans, or Black Americans. These constituents are supposed to behave as good foot soldier and follow the marching order of their Zionists bosses.

In the early 90's, twice the same sort of attempt was thwarted when Bill Cosby, a black entertainer, tried to buy NBC. GE was warned by the likes of Barry Diller and Tartikoff not to sell the network to a gentile, in this case a black entertainer who they always claimed as one of their own.

Amazingly, these media moguls are all "self-made billionaires", and no one knows how they made their money, but they have one thing in common- they have no respect for American values and way of life. Their mission is to redefine the reality of America to something that allows them to manipulate and control the citizens of this country, and reshape their views and thinking to the way it is beneficial to them.

This strategy is even more prevalent in Hollywood and film industry. From Spielberg to comedy of Jon Stewart (Leibowitz), every American value is targeted for a new definition. It is a process of reprogramming people's behavior and their beliefs. Systematically, all Christian values are undermined and ridiculed on most major Networks. The absence of white America and other minorities beside Jews and Blacks on TV is very pronounced, but it's never questioned by anyone. Even when it comes to portraying other minorities in the movies. For example, when portraying an Iranian in the movie they use Israelis, or even for portraying Hispanics, they use Jews. In a recent movie named "Soloist", Robert Elias, also known as Robert Downey Jr., played a role of a Hispanic in Los Angeles. Last time, I was in L.A., I think I saw a few actors with Hispanic origin who could have portrayed one of their own. Even for portraying the rock singer Freddy Mercury, Mr. Cohen is chosen to play the role of this singer with Parsi background.

A few decades ago, you could look at the Hollywood landscape and see a few white men in the lineup- stars like Clint Eastwood, Steve McQueen, and many more. Nowadays, you will find Shia LaBeouf, Adam Sandler, Zac Efron, Robert Downey Jr. who barely are qualified as first rate actors. They are usually paired with a second rate Beautiful blonde actresses for the box office. Even the sex symbols of Hollywood has gone from Elizabeth Taylor to Sarah Jessica Parker. The more amusing part is when they use these characters as Super Heroes- it is ridiculous to see Robert Elias playing Iron Man.

The second component in the primary ring is the professional sports. As in the world of Media, not long ago, it was quite possible to go to a ball game without losing your shirt. It was even possible to own a professional Team in America. Not anymore. In past two decades, the cost of going to a game or owning a professional team is out of this world- it has gone from millions to billions- only select people with a lot of money can own teams. Sometimes, money is not enough; you need to have pro-Zionist views. Owning a professional team, puts the owner in direct contact with ordinary American. Even though there are many black atheltes in the professional games, you cannot find one black man who owns a professional team- Michael Jordan may become the first one to get to own a professional team. But, more than half of the owners in every sport are Zionist.

The world of Sports is filled with these 'Self-made billionaire' Zionists. Take for example Malcolm Glazer who owns Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Manchester United Soccer team. To understand where these "self-made billionaires" come from, it helps to review the history of companies like Zapata Corporation where clandestine operation with Government Agencies in illegal activities brings billions of Dollars to these hard working Glazer family and meanwhile destroys lives of many innocent people. And, that's how you can afford to buy Teams like Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Manchester United and have sponsors like AIG, which was owned by Mr. Greenberg, to give millions of Dollars in tax payers' money to sustain a fake and broken model of professional Soccer teams. This trend of siphoning money from tax payers is continuing with the new AIG CEO, Benmosche. Another one of these "self-made billionaire" is Mr. Daniel M. Snyder- who became a billionaire by age of 30- to own Washington Redskins. Mark Cuban (Chabenisky), owner of Dallas Mavericks is another fine example of these "self-made billionaire" who owns a professional Team.

The gatekeepers to all these sports are the Commissioners and they are all pro-Israeli individuals, with the exception of NFL. In the case of the NFL, the Commissioner is a white man, Roger Goodell, and that was a miscalculation on the part of the pro-Israelis. Roger Goodell only won the position by two votes over Gregg Levy, another fine young incompetent Zionist.

Well, one would think when it comes to Soccer; we would have a Hispanic Commissioner. Not so fast. Just like we do not have a black commissioner in other sports with majority black athletes, there is no reason to have a Hispanic Commissioner for Soccer. How about the second man in command of US Soccer, he must be a Hispanic. No, it's an Indian; from India- I never knew India was so big on Soccer. The reason, Mr. Gulati is the second man in command is because he runs Mr. Robert Kraft's professional Teams. This is the same Robert Kraft with hundreds of millions of dollars invested in Israel.

With the control of the Media and the Entertainment/Sports industries, you almost have control over every outlet to manage American people's behavior. This leaves the Government. The primary target in the Government is the Federal Government, followed by the State and local Governments. It would be easier for Jews to control everything on the Federal level. That's why Jews favor a more centralized Government where Federal Government has more power over The State and Local Government- this goes all the way back to the original Federalist Jew, Alexander Hamilton. This is in direct opposition of the Constitution and American way of life. One of the main reasons Jews liked Democratic Presidents such as FDR, LBJ, Clinton, and Obama is because they are giving more power to the Federal Government. Once the Federal Government is in control, they have more say on individual liberty and freedom of speech. They can define what defines freedom of speech and liberty. That provides the mechanism to suppress any negative comments about Israel- as Daniel Pipes with his Campus Watch tried a few years ago.

As Patrick Buchanan once called Washington "Israeli Occupied Territory", the stranglehold Zionist have on the Federal Government is so well crafted that would be close to impossible to undo. The undoing could only come from outside of Washington by Grass Root movements- movement such as the Tea Party movement.

In no time, it is more obvious than now with the current administration how they are being controlled in every aspect of running the Federal Government. Along with this Administration and the best Congress that money can buy, American people have no representation at Federal level. Even though Jews barely make up the 2% of population, they contribute more than 25% to corrupt politicians who are willing to sell out their constituents and betray their country.

The Obama Administration offers plenty of examples on how Jews are controlling him. He has gone out of his way to support candidates like Arlen Specter, Steve Cohen, and more recently Ron Klein. In the case of Arlen Specter, a Republican who became a Democrat, it was very embarrassing to see how he lost even though Obama campaigned for him. And, in the case of Steve Cohen, who was running against a black female lawyer, again Mr. Obama campaigned for the Jewish candidate who represents a majority black district. It is very shameful to see what this president is willing to do to demonstrate his commitment to his handlers. More recently, Obama campaigned for Ron Klein against another black candidate, Allen West. Even Michelle Obama campaigned for Ross Feingold over the rival Johnson.

As one of the prime example of how Obama Administration is naming incompetent Zionist and being controlled by Zionist is the case of naming Elizabeth Birnbaum as the head of Minerals Management Service. The incompetence of this individual came to light in the wake of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Even after being forced to resign, Obama announced the change as if the resignation had nothing to do with her incompetence, he was too scared to criticize this lady- I guess he would not dare to say anything derogatory about Jews. Right after her resignation, Obama put another incompetent Zionist, Michael Bromwich, in charge of this department- this is a guy with zero experience in Oil and Gas industry.

Obama Administration would not be an exception to any other Democratic Administration. Staring with Clinton's Presidency, more and more Zionist are included in the elected Administration. To return the favor, the elected president would just hand out positions to the Zionist regardless of the competency question. Especially when it comes to Federal Reserve Board, most if not all appointed are Zionist Jews- remember that's where the worthless paper money gets printed. On a recent announcement three Zionist Jews Janet Yellen, Sarah Raskin, and Peter Diamond were appointed by Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama made sure all the seven members of the Federal Reserve Board are all Zionist Jews. Even when it comes to Supreme Court, there is no respect for American people. The court by no means reflects the demographic of the United States. With the recent appointment of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court, there are three Zionist Justices. My question is how a court like this could represent the people of this country. If the reason for appointing Kagan is experience, then this lady is only 50 years old with no prior experience as a judge.


Candidates like corzine and bloomberg spend 120 and 100 millions of Dollars of "their own money", respectively, to run for an office. Some like Richard Blumenthal lie their way into an office. Some like Obama who have no money and don't know how to speak let alone to lie, get a teleprompter to get prompted for their lies and in turn act as a surrogate for people who provide him money to get elected. Once elected all the players except American Tax Payers are rewarded for their shenanigans. As we witnessed during last election, Obama's Campaign was greased by money from the likes of Israeli owner of Fountain Bleu Hotel, so Mr. Obama could get on campaign trail and make promises to corrupt organizations like AFL/CIO. And, in turn, after election, AFL/CIO's gathering was held in Fountain Bleu Hotel, so the newly renovated Hotel could siphon the money to Israel at the expense of the Tax Payers- at a $300 a night rate. From this picture, it is very obvious who the loser is. Again and again, Americans are coming out as losers and those with Un-American values are the winners- from a sellout President to a corrupt organization like AFL/CIO to another "Self-made billionaire", Israeli owner of Fountain Bleu.

This is just a small example of how America is held in bondage, we will examine other industries to show how every cog in the system is connected to Israeli machine.

... Payvand News - 11/05/10 ... --

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