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Iranian Opposition Leader Mousavi: Put the current destructive policies on referendum

Source: Mir Hossein Mousavi's facebook


Mir Hossein Mousavi, in an interview with Kaleme described the characteristics of the Green Movement and stated that this movement is the outcome of the unanswered demands of the recent hundred years of Iran's history and is  a lively, freedom-seeking, liberating and modern movement with look to transition and past which its roots deepens as each day passes.


Mir Hossein Mousavi


The full transcript of Mir Hossein Mousavis' interview is as follows:



One of the critical debates in national stage is the state of the Green Movement in current conditions. What is your analysis of the current state of the movement and who do you predict its future?


The Green Movement is very much alive and its roots deepen as each day passes. "Green Movement" is a green phrase that has emerged from the loving hearts of our nation and is the outcome of the unanswered demands of the recent hundred years especially the demands risen from the Islamic Revolution, and more importantly is a modern movement in compliance with the conditions and necessities of today's world. If you pay attention you can see that the slogans and demands of the movement are expressed such that it is difficult for the totalitarians to publicly oppose them.


Describe precisely what are the slogans and demands which makes it hard for the totalitarian camp to publicly oppose them?


Who can publicly oppose  freedom-seeking, justice-seeking or non-selective, free and competitive elections? Or who can reject to rely on the values of diverse ethnic cultures; or easily and loudly announces that does not recognize the inherited human dignity; or does not want the poeple to be in charge of their own destiny; or says that reproducing tyranny, which according to late Alameh Naini[1] is the worst kind of tyranny, is a good thing?


We know that in the conscience and nature of no human, even among those security and military forces and today's black-wearing Basijis, is the will to kill, suppress and imprison scholars, teachers, workers, women and men; except a few sick ones or those who are reliant to power and those who have their interests in plundering national resources. Therefore when those who are against the Green Movement cannot oppose to the demands of the movement, they fabricate "enemy"; the kind of fabricating enemy that was evident in the audio tape of [the speech of] commander Moshfegh.[2] Therefore the audio tape of [the speech of] Commander Moshfegh  is an important historical document.


For several times you have pointed to the importance of the audio tape of the remarks made by commander Moshfegh, the same remarks that made the seven senior reformists  file a complaint against the coup election, first of all what is the importance of those remarks? second, in your opinion what was the reason behind the anger of totalitarians from the complaint filed that was based on the remarks of commander Moshfegh?


The remarks made by commander Moshfegh besides the fact that is a document to prove the fraud and coup  carried out in election, is very important to demonstrate the downfall trend of  thoughts of the enemies of  nation; this is the reason behind the anger of totalitarians from the complaint filed against the wicked speech.


But in response to this anger we can say, let's assume that we all are enemy or deceived by enemy; you, without considering us, honor your promises you made to the people which are respecting the rights of the people, preserving freedoms , implementing the constitution comprehensively and honoring the rights of the people to take charge of their own destiny.


You raise the Green flag yourselves by returning to the people and the law and distancing from tyranny . Who has given you such a permission to put country's vote against the entire world with your adventures policies and tyranny and create such dire conditions in economical and political affairs of the country? Don't cry Hurray for yourselves! Hold a referendum and see whether people support these destructive policies or not!


How do you express the most important features of the Green Movement in current situation?


In the most summarized way I should say that the Green Movement is a freedom-seeking, liberating and completely modern[ movement] that looking to traditions and past is a method that has not restricted it and also hope for the future is not such that had it tied up fantasizing. The destructive policies of the government officials also have had fundamental role in making people pay attention to the slogans [chosen] for the movement and gradually have made it the only alternative for the status quo.


 We hear that the fellows (government authorities) in their official propaganda claim that they have finished off the Green Movement and even sometime they easily use the phrase "suppress", what is your  opinion regarding this claim?


The test for this claim is very easy, only if without filling the streets with black-wearing armed forces in events such as 16 Azar (national student day) or 25 Khordaad (the anniversary of the historic protest of the people against the election fraud), let the people demonstrate their views based on their rights which have been stated in the article 27 of the constitution.[3]


Our problems will not be solved by counting on the rallies which are organized by checking attendance in [government] offices, encouraging or scaring [people] or by mobilizing military parties and organizations; the very same spontaneous chants of "God is great" on the last Monday of the month of Shahrivar (September 20, 2010) by itself gave an answer to all those [government] engineered gatherings.


I response briefly to this claim by saying that the effects that the Green Movement has had till now cannot be cleared out. You just look at the cracks that have been emerged in the structure tainted with corruption and oppression; these cracks in some cases have turned into non-repairable gaps, and they (totalitarians) in order to cover these gaps have no choice but to constantly tell lies.


The integrity of the establishment today depends on fulfilling the promises and implementing the law in the cases such as the disasters of Kahrizak prison or the letters of the innocent political prisoners (describing how they have been tortured) or the crimes committed in the attacks against the student dormitories; and it is obvious that the government officials have no solution for these cases and that is why the lies are increasing  every day more than the day before, their true nature is revealed to the people of Iran and the world.


In my opinion converting lying into a method to run the country is the sign of fear as well as the sign of decline; they (totalitarians) not only are scared from the street rallies and demonstrations but they are even scared from green wristbands of artists, athletes and youth.


We should remember that in the absence of the movement this organized corruption, oppression and dictatorship could have been stayed hidden for long time and could have put the country in face of unrecoverable dangers in future.


In summary, I am saying that when in front of billions of people and from the podium of United Nations one says that there are no political prisoners in Iran and all those who have been imprisoned wanted to kill the police, or when one cannot hide the fear from green wristbands of the athletes and artists, just proves that the movement is present at all time and everywhere in Iran and around the world and will not leave them at peace and has made the situation so hard for oppressors that acknowledging the most obvious is equal to leaving the power for them; and that is why promoting awareness has vital role for the future of the country and the movement. Bringing the armed forces to the streets on the eve of the Qods Day [4] to scare people shows that the totalitarians are very well aware of the liveliness of the movement; now if a minster unconsciously loses it in face of green wristbands of the filmmakers, it should not be taken seriously.


Let's talk about economy. In the country in addition to political crisis there are clear signs of economical crisis. The exchange rates, the price of gold, the stop of opening credit lines, reduction in oil revenue, the strikes that occurred in the recent months in country's major bazaars, unemployment, inflation and everyday economical problems are evident for the people; but on the other hand it has been said [by government officials] that these sanctions are useful for the country and we go around the sanctions and similar remarks! As someone who was in charge of the government during 8-years of the most critical era (Iran-Iraq war) of the country, what is your opinion regarding the current economical crises and government's claims?


Following the resolution 1929 in a note I immediately stated that this resolution and the previous resolutions were avoidable and thoughtless remarks and adventurous actions in foreign policy for domestic use led to the issuance of this resolution and its consequences, and unfortunately still the former trend is continuing.


One can put the recent speeches and remarks made in New York up for discussion among professors, scholars and even knowledgeable experts of foreign ministry from national interests point of view so that it can be determined how much these positions were beneficial for our national interests. However it is possible that in the coffee shops of some Arab countries there would be some praises but the true effects of these positions will be felt more and more every day on the kitchen tables of poor and underprivileged as well as in the Bazaars (markets) and national economy.


Aside from the foreign security and economic dangers we are facing, a more fundamental domestic problem which might not be noticed in the first look is disadvantaging the country from utilizing qualified resources for managing the crisis in political, economical and social affairs.


The system is engaged in dangerous  illusions and is destroying all the small and large bridges behind itself, otherwise in the middle of all these issues they would have not come up with the idea of eliminating the day of "Dialogue Between Civilizations"[5] from country's calendars. This very same minor act clearly shows the short-minded and biased views that the country is suffering from.


These fellows think that the stage of domestic and foreign policies of the country is like the narrow old alleys in which they could defeat the rivals with bluffing, swearing and fighting. The problem is that these values have been confused; there has been a confusion between the major national interests and petty personal interests, and between the complicated international stage and trivial fights in neighborhoods, otherwise they would have acted with more thoughts and caution.


In all these, the chants for values and religious slogans are louder than ever; and I say that if truly Islam and Iran were valuable to them, they would have not rejected all these elite resources from  the system. Where should Aminzadeh [6] be today, in poison or in the Foreign Ministry? And today should Safaai-Farahani [7] be in prison and hospital or in the Ministry of Economy and Finance?


Whether  the totalitarians like it or not the majority of the recourses and managers who could be influential in [solving] this crisis are in Participation Front, Mojahedin for Islamic Revolution Organization, Kargozaran party, Etemad-Melli party and similar [reformist] organizations  and in all these the major issue of the General Prosecutor and spokesman of the judiciary, and in fact spokesman of the entire system, is to announce that these organizations are illegal and arrest their members!


I am saddened when I see that the distinguished managers of the country instead of being busy solving the problems and eliminating the effects of the destructive actions of these fellows (totalitarians) are either in prison or have been isolated. We all witnessed that some of these [former] managers had made miracles in executive stage. Today all the men and women, either unknown or well-known, who are either wanted or are in prisons could have solved many of country's problems.


I am advising out of care that in these difficult days, which will become even more difficult, pay attention to all the thousands managers and qualified resources who have been put aside from organizations  and utilize their experiences as much as possible; although I should not expect an iron nail to go into a stone!


What is your opinion regarding the official claims of having the problems of the country solved which is being heard a lot in official media these days?


In this regards I should say that transparency and admitting that there is a crisis are impartible parts of the solution.  By covering the problems and just talking we will not have any oil [revenue] to take to people's kitchen tables [8] or provide our beloved Iran's security.


Lying and giving reverse impression of the truth should be stopped so that we can have all the people behind the system. We should know that in the long run more important  for the people it is to have their rightful demands fulfilled and their inherited dignity be respected than the name of the state. If you want to preserve Islam you should show in practice that Islam is not incapable of fulfilling people's rights and their right to chose their own destiny and to solve the problems of the country and is against oppression, corruption, bullying, favoritism and repression.


No government and political system can defend itself in face of serious dangers unless by creating unity among its nation. The way to attract people is to assure them that their votes will not be stolen, and it will be them who can decide how their representative should speak in the United Nations and be friend with which country and be enemy with which one, and it will be their representatives [in the parliament] who can decide when to support the administration and when to impeach them; otherwise by giving two contradicting statements in one day, one in praise and one in condemnation of the administration, people will not be separated from the Green Movement.


Recently one of the spokesman of Motalefeh (conservative front) said that they should distance the core of the people from Mousavi, Karroubi and Khatami in order to solve the issue of "sedition" [9] It seems like this is the new strategy of these fellows. What is you analysis of their new strategy?


I think it is a wise strategy but people will be attracted to the organizations that do not irrelevantly categorize people to "insiders" and "outsiders" for their own benefit and defend people's rights.


No problem, Motalefeh can also pay attention and follow up on the letters written by Hamzeh Karami and Abdollah Momeni and the defence statement of Arya Aramnejad and the activists of Mazandaran province (north of Iran)[10] , and also announce their clear view opposing torture, forced confessions and repentant-making; or as an old party protest to the illegal arrests of the members of the Freedom Movement (reformist), which also is an old organization and party. The problems will be solved when we close our eyes on what categorizes as "insiders" and "outsiders" and defend the justice, even if it would be to our detriment. I am sure that if the great Martyr Araghi [11] was alive today he would have defended the right and justice even if it would have been to his own and his allies disadvantage.



[1] Religious scholar and researcher

[2] Referring to the audio tape leaked from the speech of a high ranking Revolutionary Guards, known as commander Moshfegh, in which he described how the militia forces under his commands interfered in the campaign and election process in order to bring Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to power and caused numerous problems for the reformist candidates especially on the day of election.

[3] Article 27th of Islamic Republic's constitution clearly states that holding gatherings and assemblies are free as long as no weapons are carried in them and they are not contradicting the obvious laws of Islam.

[4] Qods Day is the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan in which rallies are held in solidarity with Palestinians and condemnation of oppression against the innocent people and since the rigged presidential election in 2009 the Greens have used it to demonstrate their rage and protest against the oppression of the coup government in their own country.

[5] Dialogue Between Civilizations was an idea proposed by Seyyed Mohammad Khatami during his presidency at United Nations general assembly with the aim of replacing dialogue for confrontation among the countries. Since then there has been an international organization in United Nations dedicated to this subject.

[6] Reformist figure and members of Participation Front who has been imprisoned along with many other reformist figures in the aftermath of rigged presidential election.

[7] Reformist figure and members of Participation Front who has been imprisoned along with many other reformist figures in the aftermath of rigged presidential election. Recently Safaai-Farahani suffered a heart attack while in prison and has been hospitalized for treatment.

[8] Referring to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's campaign promise when he ran for president first time in which he made a pledge to the people that if he would become president he would bring the share of every Iranian from oil revenue to their homes!

[9] The term used by the totalitarians referring to the Green Movement.

[10] All innocent political prisoners who wrote open letters to the judiciary or in their defence statements described how they have been tortured in prison and unjustly tried and sentenced to heavy prison times.

[11] Senior member of Motalefeh who was martyred while defending the country during Iran-Iraq war.


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